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Success - The Secret to Success is Setting the Right Goals

The Secret to Success is Setting the Right Goals

John Doerr, a venture capitalist, talks about the secret to success and the importance of setting the right goals. By setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Relevant) goals, you have a better chance of achieving your goals. Measurable goals keep you motivated The best way to stay motivated and achieve your goals is to set specific, measurable goals. They should be relevant to your life and be time-bound. This will allow you to celebrate when you have accomplished them, and will help you feel a sense of urgency. Measurable goals have clear outcomes, so that you can plan on how

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Business – Tips for Presenting to Executive Audiences

Providing an impressive presentation to a senior executive is not an easy task, but it can also be a valuable career skill. While senior executives are the ultimate audience, delivering a convincing speech requires a delicate balance of coolness and humility. With a little guidance, you can make the most out of your presentation and achieve the desired outcome. If more people knew how to present to key decision makers, the world would be a much more rewarding place to work. First of all, know your audience. You want to impress them with your knowledge and hard work, but do

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Business – The Important Skills Of A Good Supervisor

If you are planning on becoming a supervisor someday, you need to develop your essential skills to become one. Some people wait until they are in the job and find out that they do not have the skills. They usually say, “I have everything I need.” Well, that is not necessarily true. In order to make the best supervisors, you have to take the time to evaluate your skills, so you know what you do well and what you need to improve on. In order to be a good manager, you first need to know what your strengths and skills

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Business – Tips For New Managers To Succeed

Wanting to know how to be a successful new manager is like asking how to be an expert in your own business. The first thing you need to establish as a leader is the vision of the company and its vision statement. Then, you need to learn the tips for new managers to succeed from those who have been successful before. They are the best guides. When new managers begin their job, they will face many challenges. They are required to manage people as well as resources. Being able to meet deadlines is one of the most basic and important

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Reading – Start With No by Jim Campanale

“Start With No” by Jim Campanale is a simple but powerful book that teaches you how to make choices with wisdom instead of emotion. In many cases, you might think you’re making the right choice until something happens. At that point, most people freeze up and do nothing at all. But you know in your heart that what you were doing wasn’t working, so you do nothing about it. This is where “Start With No” can help you. Campanale is a living example of how simple the principles of this book really are. He gives you the principles to live

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Business – Communication Skills That Increases Business

Communication is the key to any successful business and the Top 10 Communication Skills are vital in a business. Many businesses do not communicate well with their customers or clients and have to struggle with internal politics. Teams need to work together to resolve problems, create solutions and collaborate together. All managers want to find the quickest and easiest solution to any challenge they face and that’s why they communicate by phone, email, in person, etc. But how can you keep the communication going if everyone is not on the same page? Teams are like a box of dominoes; each

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