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Homemaking - The Benefits of Carrying a Small Pocket Knife

Homemaking – The Benefits of Carrying a Small Pocket Knife

One of the many reasons to carry a small pocket knife is for emergencies. A good pocket knife is indispensable when you are out in the field. Even in inclement weather, a good knife can make fire preparation quicker and easier. Dry wood can be found in upright trees and branches. You can use a pocket blade to prepare tinder and spark a fire. While the instances are limited, they are important to have on hand. There are a number of reasons why you should carry a small pocket knife. The first reason is for safety. You can use a

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Reading – Benefits of Reading Nonfiction

For many readers, nonfiction books are the perfect gateway to get them interested in the written word. While fiction is often entertaining and enlightening, there is also a certain amount of reality and psychology that often comes hand-in-hand with the subject matter. Reading non-fiction can provide a pathway to: Acquire knowledge and information Learn life lessons from the success or mistakes of others Self empowerment Increase brain complexity and resilience In particular, history is a particularly relevant form of knowledge for readers who are interested in developing a solid understanding of world events. Reading nonfiction books with a focus on

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Business – Working From Home Productivity Tips

Work from Home Productivity Tips when Working From Home? With the economy the way it is there are many people who want to work from home. But, are employees and employers ready for this drastic change? Will they be efficient enough in the end? Here, you will get some very valuable tips and hints to become more productive even when working from home. First, be organized. Working from home can be very rewarding but you need to realize that you have to have an organization in your work life. One of the best ways that you can achieve the best-organized

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Business – What Were Colin Powell’s 13 Rules Of Leadership

Good leaders listen and consider all perspectives before making their own decisions. Supporters need to know that their leaders take them seriously and have a purpose. Powell believed that the determined leader is the one who makes better changes. Good leadership involves responsibility for the well-being of the group, which means that people will be angry with your actions and decisions. Leaders find it hard to win the loyalty of others when they treat them badly. Leaders who rein in their egos will lead badly in their positions. To quote Powell again, some situations require executives to float, while others

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Success – Why You Should Carry a Pen and Pocket Notebook

The single most important reason you should carry a pen and notebook is the creativity it helps develop. The imagination, critical thinking, and writing skills that are developed through actually using the pen and writing out the ideas that need to be worked on are truly astounding. When the brain processes and puts pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard an amazing amount of information is synthesized into creative solutions. This is the opposite of what occurs when a person merely listens to the voice in their head or reads from a book. When a person actually starts to

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Reading – The Principles Of “Make Time”

Make Time by Jake Knapp, and John Zeratsky comes from the universe of martial arts, and it was created to assist people to make time in their busy lives. It was made to deal with the demands of everyday life and the stresses that go along with it. It provides guidance for these individuals as they try to accomplish their daily goals while attempting to juggle responsibilities and other things that come along. This system has been proven to be a great asset. In fact, many individuals who have utilized it have seen tremendous results in their lives. The principles

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