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Fishing - How to Fish for Arctic Grayling

How to Fish for Arctic Grayling

It’s a little ironic that the Arctic grayling is such a great draw not only for experienced, worldly fishermen since often Arctic grayling is the best fish for newcomers to the sport. They seem almost ready to jump on any fly and reel in nearly any bait. Yet, despite their exciting looks, the most cooperative Arctic grayling can sometimes be quite hard to catch, especially if you’ve never fished much before or you use your own preferred style of fishing. And suppose you happen to live in the colder northern climates where fishing for these, colorful fish is common practice.

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Fishing – What You Need to Know About Using Nightcrawlers for Bait Fishing

Using nightcrawlers is one of the best and easiest ways to catch a fish. These worms make an excellent bait choice because they’re rich in protein, do not have any sharp spines or bones, are easy for fish to swallow, and wiggle well enough to attract fish even at low temperatures. If other baits don’t seem to work, try nightcrawlers. What Are Nightcrawlers? Nightcrawlers are large earthworms, also known as nightcrawler worms. They get this name from their tendencies of coming out of the ground to eat at night. While gardening or landscaping, especially after a rainfall, you can easily

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Fishing – Went Local Pond Fishing

Finally, Sunday, I broke out of the house and went fishing after weeks of working from home and everything having been buttoned up as a result of COVID-19.  It was an exciting experience, something I haven’t done since I was a teenager, and I won’t say how many decades ago that was, but I went pond fishing at a local flood control pond in a park not far from my house. It was a simple enough event. I dug up a few earthworms from my vegetable garden bed and went bait fishing. Thank God for posthole composting because everywhere I

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Poetry – The Bonny Red Heckle

Away frae the smoke an’ the smother, Away frae the crush o’ the thrang! Away frae the labour an’ pother That have fettered our freedom sae lang! For the May’s i’ full bloom i’ the hedges And the laverock’s aloft i’ the blue, An’ the south wind sings low i’ the sedges, By haughs that are silvery wi’ dew. Up, angler, off wi’ each shackle! Up, gad and gaff, and awa’! Cry ‘Hurrah for the canny red heckle, The heckle that tackled them a’!’ Then back to the smoke and the smother, The uproar and crush o’ the thrang; An’

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