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How Many Seeds To Use For Sprouting By container Size?

One of the key points to know is how many seeds to use, by sprouting container size. Here are a few starting guidelines which can be adjusted according to your experience. I have found that these measurements generally work, but keep in mind that I use my spouts after they have had a couple of days to mature and fill the container. If you use your sprouts as soon as they emerge, you may want to up the quantity a little bit. 1 teaspoon (tsp) of dry seeds for a pint (16 oz) container 2 tsp of seeds for a

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How Long Should Sprouts Be Stored In the Refrigerator?

How long sprouts can last in the refrigerator depending on how you grow them the sprouts, cleaned the sprouts, and store the sprouts but sprouts usually should last at least two weeks in the fridge.

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