What is Fruit Butter?

Fruit Butter is a preserve, much the same as Jams and Jellies, which once cooked to a paste has a dense, smooth, and creamy consistency and an excellent accompaniment for toast, scones, and bread.  However, fruit butter is much lower in sugar and sweeteners.  Fruit butter is an old concept, which has been in use, at least, … More What is Fruit Butter?

Recipe – Raspberry Rhubarb Refrigerator Jam

Raspberry rhubarb is a great fruit for pies and compotes. But if you’re into cooking and want to really impress your family and guests, you should consider trying out this delicious fruit. It’s a fruit that’s popular because of the taste and texture and its somewhat delicate flavor. This fruit doesn’t have quite as much … More Recipe – Raspberry Rhubarb Refrigerator Jam

What is a Trifle?

What is a Trifle? A Trifle comes from the European, especially English, food tradition, which is custard or cream layered with fruit over cake that has been soaked with alcohol, usually Sherry. This dessert has been in Europe in the form we would recognize today, at least since the 1700’s. When are Trifles Commonly Served? … More What is a Trifle?

Cheeses and Cheese Substitutes Used for The Filling of Cheesecake

Ahhh cheesecakes, dessert for the gods. It is so simple to prepare! Also, another feature of cheesecakes we all love is the fact that this dessert offers plenty of flexibility. The regular cheesecakes come with a tasty crust, overflowing with cream cheese filling. The significant alterations occur with the constituents placed either in the lining … More Cheeses and Cheese Substitutes Used for The Filling of Cheesecake

Recipe – Jammy Scones

Your tea is not complete without a scone. Scones got their origin from Scottish quick-bread; they are traditionally served with jam or cream. Its role has become of great importance in today’s world. What is a scone? Scones are delicious biscuit-like pastries that are easy and simple to make. Not only are they easy to … More Recipe – Jammy Scones

Recipe – Apple Scones

Although scones are predominantly consumed by the British, they were originally 17invented by the Scottish. Scones have received a bad reputation in North America, probably because Americans have only tried tasteless and dry scones. I believe if they come to Britain and have a taste of a real and rich scone, they’d be convinced that … More Recipe – Apple Scones

Cooking – Ice Cream

What іѕ аn ice сrеаm? Evеrуbоdу lоvеѕ ісе сrеаm and we аll seem tо thіnk that іt hаѕ аlwауѕ bееn аrоund аѕ a сhеар trеаt for the children. Nоthіng could bе furthеr frоm the truth, whісh іѕ that ісе сrеаm is еnjоуеd bу аll irrespective оf the аgе. An Ice сrеаm іѕ a soft, sweet … More Cooking – Ice Cream