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Business - Should You Designate a Scribe or Note Keeper for a Meeting?

Should You Designate a Scribe or Note Keeper for a Meeting?

If you have a meeting, you should designate a scribe or note keeper. A scribe will document the meeting’s output in a clear and concise manner, while you can facilitate the discussion and focus on taking action. Having a scribe at a meeting can greatly improve the efficiency of the process. A scribe can also ensure that the meeting’s minutes are properly recorded and are up to date. Creating a logically followable agenda When preparing an agenda, you must begin by creating the purpose of the meeting. This purpose should be clearly stated so everyone attending the meeting understands why

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Handling Late Meeting Joiner Disruptions

How do you handle late meeting joiners? The problem is common and easily avoidable. Avoiding interruptions is as easy as using body language and non-verbal communication. In addition to closing the meeting doors, ensure that your agenda is clearly laid out. Follow these guidelines and you’ll avoid many meeting disruptions. After all, your goal is to get your meeting done, so handle late comers with care! After all, they’re just people just like you. Body language How do you handle meeting disruptions by late joiners? While it may seem difficult to delegate, you can easily show your confidence and willingness

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How Video Conferencing Helps Business

As more people work from home, globalization of businesses, and instant, on-demand communications have changed business practices, many businesses are realizing the benefits of video conferencing. This technology not only boosts productivity, reduces travel costs, and promotes collaboration, but also eliminates the need for a dedicated conference room. With video conferencing, companies can communicate face-to-face without the costs and time associated with travel. And with its many other benefits, video conferencing is an excellent choice for modern businesses. Brings remote workers and telecommuters together In today’s workplace, most companies have at least some telecommuting employees, but the fact remains that

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Business – What Is the Best Video Conferencing App?

With so many options for video conferencing, it can be difficult to choose the right one. BlueJeans and BigBlueButton are popular options, but what about GoToMeeting? Read on to find out what makes them unique. Weigh these pros and cons and see which one you like the best. Listed below are the best video conferencing apps on the market. Read on to learn more about these video conferencing apps. BigBlueButton The BigBlueButton video conferencing app makes it easy to conduct meetings and collaborate with other people from any device. With its built-in support for WebRTC libraries, it doesn’t require a

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Impromptu Meeting: Things You Need To Know

There is a statistical rumor going around the offices that claims some distractions and interruptions disturb the average office worker every couple of minutes. The vast majority of people find their time simply nubbled away by other co-workers, who just drop in our cubicles or cut our way in the hall asking, “Hey, got a minute?” An impromptu meeting is a meeting that you didn’t plan or organize in advance. In some situations, you can find yourself in a meeting without even knowing it. However, not all impromptu meetings are wisely invested resources (time, employees, etc.) Managers, executives, and in

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