Introducing DBVisualizer

It is difficult for most businesses to effectively use numerous data of information since enterprise data analysis and management is becoming more difficult and complex. With the growing chances of failure and higher stakes at risk, businesses need to choose the proper software application or software tool that will extract insights from the inside information … More Introducing DBVisualizer

Introducing DBeaver

With high data volumes and complex systems, database management is becoming more in-demand in today’s economy. Aside from keeping up with the business, organizations also need to innovate new ideas to progress further in the industry. With the use of database management tools, a web interface is provided for database administrators, allowing SQL queries to … More Introducing DBeaver

Database – What is a foreign key?

Definition of a Foreign Key A foreign Key (FK) is a constraint that references the unique primary key (PK) of another table. Facts About Foreign Keys Foreign Keys act as a cross-reference between tables linking the foreign key (Child record) to the Primary key (parent record) of another table, which establishing a link/relationship between the … More Database – What is a foreign key?