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Poetry - Summer Flowers

Poetry – Summer Flowers

“The desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.” —ISAIAH XXXV. I. Be-hold the flow-ers of June! how fair And bright their buds ap-pear, As, open-ing to the sum-mer air, Our eyes and hearts they cheer! Who would have thought there could a-bound Such beau-ty and de-light Be-neath the cold

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Poetry – April Showers

“Thou makest the earth soft with showers: Thou bless-est the spring-ing there-of.” —PSALM lxv. 10. When A-pril skies be-gin to frown, And the cold rain comes pelt-ing down, We must not grum-ble nor com-plain, Nor i-dly say, we hate the rain. God sends the rain; the dust-y ground It soft-ens

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Poetry – My Old Coat

BE ever true to me, thou well-loved coat,For we are growing old together now,These ten long years I’ve brushed thee every dayMyself; great Socrates the Sage, I trowHad not done better! And if remorseless FateGnaw with sharp tooth that poor, thin cloth of thine,Resist, say I, with calm philosophy,Let us

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