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The Law of Power

The Law The fundamental law of power is that it is situational, multifaceted, dynamic, and perishable. Power is Situational Power is without a doubt situational, a person who is very politically powerful, but having no wilderness knowledge or skills, find themselves alone in the middle will have less ability to save themselves, than an experienced woodsman. Power is Multifaceted Power has many attributes (social influence, mental reference, innate ability, and situation), which aggregate to provide the total of your power at in given time and in any given situation Power is Dynamic As a person’s situation changes, their ability to influence

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What is Power?

First and foremost, power is personal.  Our perception of a situation has much to do with our ability to affect a situation.  Therefore, power is each person’s ability to influence a situation.   When a person has no ability to influence their situation (even, if as a result of an inaccurate personal belief), they have no power. Definition of Power Power is each person’s ability and willingness to influence a situation.

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