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Paired Programming Styles

Technology – Paired Programming Styles

Many software development companies are embracing the pair programming strategy to solve coding challenges. Perhaps, it is because this agile technique encourages a collaboration that facilitates delivering quick results and reduces defects in programs. Two programmers can deliver code by utilizing different approaches. Here is an overview of the pairing programming techniques.  Let’s get started. 1. Driver-navigator The popularity of pair programming is primarily attributed to the driver-navigator style. As the term suggests, this technique involves a driver and a navigator or observer. A person who takes up the role of a driver is responsible for writing code. On the

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Technology – Integration Testing Vs. System Testing

Software applications may contain several different modules, which essentially require a partnership between teams during the development process. The individually developed modules get integrated to form a ready-to-use software application. But before the software gets released to the market, it must be thoroughly tested to ensure it meets user requirement specifications. Integration Testing The integration testing phase involves assembling and combining the modules tested separately. It helps detect defects in the interfaces during the early stages and ensure the software components work as one unit. Integration testing has two puposes: component and system integration testing. Component integration testing: With this

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Software Development Life Cycle – What is RAD?

  What is RAD? Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a type of incremental software development methodology, which emphasizes rapid prototyping and iterative delivery, rather than planning. In RAD model the components or major functions are developed in parallel as if they were small relatively independent projects, until integration. RAD projects are iterative and incremental RAD projects follow the SDLC iterative and incremental model: During which more than one iteration of the software development cycle may be in progress at the same time In RAD model the functional application modules are developed in parallel, as prototypes, and are integrated to complete

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Where do data models fit in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process?

In the classic Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process, Data Models are typically initiated, by model type, at key process steps and are maintained as data model detail is added and refinement occurs. The Concept Data Model (CDM) is, usually, created in the Planning phase.   However,  creation the Concept Data Model can slide forwarded or backward, somewhat, within the System Concept Development, Planning, and Requirements Analysis phases, depending upon whether the application being modeled is a custom development effort or a modification of a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) application.  The CDM is maintained, as necessary, through the remainder of the SDLC

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