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Technology - When To Cache A Denodo View

Technology – When To Cache A Denodo View

Here’s a quick summary of practices about when to use cache when developing denotative views.  These guidelines come from the usual documentation and practical experience and may help you decide whether to cache a view. These are general guidelines, and they should happen the conflict with any guidance you’ve gotten from the Denodo; Please use the advice provided by Denodo. What is a table cache? In denodo, a cache is a database table that contains a result set of a view at the point in time, which is stored in a JDBC database Why Cache? Cache in Denodo can be

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Technology – Denodo Supported Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting Tools

The question of which PI tools to Denodo supports comes up perhaps more often than it should. The question usually comes in the form of a specific intelligence (BI) and reporting tool being asked about. For example, does Denodo support tableau or Cognos, etc. Denodo does provide a list of intelligence (BI) and reporting tools that they support. However, the list of the most commonly used intelligence (BI) and reporting tools. And there is a reason for that, which, basically, boils down to whether or not the intelligence (BI) and reporting tools can use ODBC or has a JDBC driver. 

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Technology – Denodo VQL To Get A List Of Cached View Names

Hello, this is a quick code snippet of a Denodo VQL (Denodo Virtual Query Language) to pull a list of cached view names which can be useful in pulling list of cached views. It’s not a complicated thing, but now that I’ve bothered to look it up on putting this note here mostly for me but you may find useful. I have found this useful for several reasons not the least of which is for creating jobs to do maintenance of cached view statistics. Example VQL List Of Cached View Names select name view_name from get_views()        where cache_status <>

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Denodo View Performance Best Practice

Since I have been doing more training of beginning users of the Denodo, there have been a lot of questions around performance best practices and optimization. This article is a quick summary of some of the high points of the Donodo documentation, which are typically useful. However, I would like to point out that the performance of Denodo views is: usually, an ongoing process as your environment evolves and that your code changes also, the performance of Denodo views may involve elements be on the Denodo framework itself, such as source system databases and may require some administration configuration and

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Introducing DBVisualizer

It is difficult for most businesses to effectively use numerous data of information since enterprise data analysis and management is becoming more difficult and complex. With the growing chances of failure and higher stakes at risk, businesses need to choose the proper software application or software tool that will extract insights from the inside information and manage the database of their enterprise. What is DBVisualizer? DBVisualizer is designed as a universal database tool to be used by data analysts, database administrators, and software developers. This software application offers a straightforward and all-in-one UI or user interface for enterprise database management.

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Introducing DBeaver

With high data volumes and complex systems, database management is becoming more in-demand in today’s economy. Aside from keeping up with the business, organizations also need to innovate new ideas to progress further in the industry. With the use of database management tools, a web interface is provided for database administrators, allowing SQL queries to run. What is DBeaver? DBeaver is an open-source universal management tool that can help anyone in professionally working with their data. It will help you maneuver your data similar to a typical spreadsheet, construct analytical reports of various data storage records, and convey information. Effective

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