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Quote – Choice of Words

The art of literature stands apart from among its sisters, because the material in which the literary artist works is the dialect of life; hence, on the one hand, a strange freshness and immediacy of address to the public mind, which is ready prepared to understand it; but hence, on the other, a singular limitation. — Robert Louis Stevenson

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Easy Tips For Getting More From Reading

Generally speaking, the reading for comprehension process follows these steps: Choose what you read. …Our new times call for new ways of searching for, filtering, consuming, and applying knowledge in order to improve our lives. — Michael Simmons Choosing what you read is a this is a high-speed filtering process, where you glean for potential value and apply Sturgeon’s Law, which states that 90% of all work produced is crap. This would seem to be an obvious thing, but not all reading materials are equally valuable, If valuable at all. This is especially true when it comes to email, newsfeeds,

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