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Recipe – Jammy Scones

Your tea is not complete without a scone. Scones got their origin from Scottish quick-bread; they are traditionally served with jam or cream. Its role has become of great importance in today’s world. What is a scone? Scones are delicious biscuit-like pastries that are easy and simple to make. Not

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Recipe – Buttermilk Scones

Scones originated from Scottish quick-bread and were originally prepared with oat and griddle-baked, but the latest versions are made with flour and are baked in ovens. Nonetheless, some people said the pastry got its origin from Dutch. What is a scone? Scones are cake-like and biscuit-like pastries that everyone should

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Recipe – Apple Scones

Although scones are predominantly consumed by the British, they were originally 17invented by the Scottish. Scones have received a bad reputation in North America, probably because Americans have only tried tasteless and dry scones. I believe if they come to Britain and have a taste of a real and rich

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