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Northern Meteorological Seasons – Everything You Should Know

The classification of the calendar in four groups of three months based on the prevailing temperature conditions is said called Meteorological seasons. This is a more precise way of segmenting the year. So what are these seasons, and why are these seasons important? In this piece, we will try finding

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Poetry – December

Tis done! Dread Winter spreads his latest glooms, And reigns tremendous o’er the conquered year. How dead the vegetable kingdom lies! How dumb the tuneful! Horror wide extends His desolate domain. Behold fond man! See here thy pictured life: pass some few years, Thy flowering spring, thy summer’s ardent strength,

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Cooking – Advantages Of Eating In Season

Advantages of eating in season are many, but If you are willing to harvest from your backyard orchard, and/or vegetable garden or visit your local u-pick farm and preserve your food you can save a great deal and eat better too. Even purchasing in season at your local grocer can

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Poetry – How Is The Weather?

Cold winter has come, And the cruel winds blow— The trees are all leafless and brown; These two pretty robins, Oh, where shall they go To shelter their little brown heads from the snow? Just look at the flakes coming down. But see, they have found a snug shelter at

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