What Are the Alternatives to SQuirreL SQL Developer?

Technology - What Are the Alternatives to SQuirreL SQL Developer

If you are looking for a database management solution, SquirreL SQL alternatives are an excellent choice. While the developer’s main focus is on data management, other options may include Business Intelligence Tools. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most popular alternatives to SquirreL SQL Developer. They include HeidiSQL, OmniDB, and Dbeaver.


DBeaver is a powerful database management tool that can make managing your Oracle Database a snap. Instead of opening and closing windows in your SQL editor, you can double-click a table to see its contents. Its powerful editor also allows you to filter and sort data. The DBeaver ER diagram is concise and appears on the rightmost tab of the Object Editor.

This open-source database management tool supports most SQL databases, including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and Teradata. The program supports multiple database engines and over 100 powerful features. The software is available in a free community and enterprise editions. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and 64-bit x86. Its pricing model is affordable, making it a good choice for a single-user environment.

DBeaver is a database administration tool written in Java. This open-source database management program allows you to browse data and perform SQL commands in a standard SQL editor. It also includes an object tree and a graphing facility. It also comes with a bookmarks system. If you’re looking for a SQL database management tool that has JavaScripting capabilities, Dbeaver is a good choice.


If you are looking for an alternative to SquirreL SQL Development, you might want to try HeidiSQL. The application is lightweight and does not require much processing power to run. Because it is cross-platform, it can run on almost any computer. Additionally, it supports MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases. You can even use HeidiSQL on Linux and Mac by running it in Wine Emulator.

One of the advantages of HeidiSQL is its graph plugin. You can compile your queries in one table and manipulate the contents in the Object tree. You can even analyze the results of the queries with the help of special graphing tools. The UI of HeidiSQL is very simple and offers several graphing options. It is also possible to add corresponding tables to the chart.

The most notable feature of HeidiSQL is its graphical user interface (GUI). Its UI is easy to navigate and makes it easy to distinguish between data types and tables. You can also create triggers, set user permissions, and import data across databases. Furthermore, HeidiSQL allows you to execute SQL queries in bulk. Although the application is designed for Windows platforms, it can also run on Linux using Wine.


DbVisualizer is an SQL developer alternative that provides database professionals with the tools necessary to create, manage, and enhance databases. The software features an advanced SQL editor with auto-completion and syntax/error highlighting. You can also browse the database objects and generate SQL code from the editor. DbVisualizer is also compatible with other database management systems, including MySQL.

DbVisualizer is an alternative database management software that offers a clean graphical interface that makes it easy to distinguish between data types. It also includes a dashboard to monitor index usage, network latency, and query performance. Unlike SquirreL, DbVisualizer runs on a variety of platforms and offers a number of integrations. Despite its price tag, it has a growing list of features that make it the preferred choice of developers, analysts, and programmers.

DbVisualizer is an alternative for SquirreL SQL Developer. It is written in Java and supports all major database types. It has an impressive 17-year track record and is compatible with many different platforms. SquirreL SQL supports MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Its interface is straightforward and uncluttered, making it a popular choice for both new and experienced developers.


There are a few reasons why you might want to consider OmniDB as an alternative to SquirreL SQL Development. First, it provides many advanced features for database development. OmniDB can handle 7 different DBMS, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server. The program is also highly customizable, with customizable fonts, colors, and syntax highlighters.

Another great reason to choose OmniDB is its versatility. The application is designed to be used on multiple computers and allows you to store and access data encrypted. OmniDB supports many different SQL databases and supports a few NoSQL databases as well. Its GUI is intuitive and allows for easy SQL editing and a variety of manipulation tools. OmniDB is cross-platform and offers a modern look.

PostgreSQL and MySQL support is another key advantage. OmniDB allows you to add, manage, and query data from other databases. While it is sponsored by 2ndQuadrant, it supports all major platforms, including Mac OS X and Windows. The software also includes debugging features and can be used to connect securely to your PostgreSQL database. There are no limitations to using OmniDB as an alternative to SquirreL SQL Developer.


There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider using CloudBeaver as an alternative to SquirreL SQL developer. It is an extremely lightweight web application that supports several popular SQL database engines, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. In addition, CloudBeaver features a customizable user interface with light and dark modes, as well as an informative graphical user interface. Because it is a web application, CloudBeaver does not require much disk space or resources and is accessible to a wider subset of users.

DBeaver is another free database tool that supports several popular SQL databases, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Sybase. Moreover, it has built-in support for a variety of data sources, including NoSQL databases like SQLite. DBeaver is available in two editions: the free community edition and the enterprise version. DBeaver supports both SQL and NoSQL databases, and runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


If you’ve been slack in the database management department, you might want to check out SQLGate. This database management IDE allows you to use several different database systems and languages, including SQL. There’s also a free version, HeidiSQL, which is a powerful but simple SQL query editor. The paid version, RazorSQL, is a similar product, but costs $249 per user. Lastly, Squirrel SQL is a Java-based database management application that works on multiple operating systems and has a wide variety of cool plugins.

SQLGate offers a number of features that SquirreL lacks. For instance, it doesn’t include reporting engines, ETL data loaders, visual design tools, or a history feature. But it does provide a streamlined IDE and support for multiple databases. Additionally, you can use this database management application on any platform and create multiple tables, query sets, and reports. SQLGate also offers a free version, a perpetual license, and a subscription. Pricing options vary depending on the features that you use.

Tora SQL Client

You’ve probably seen SquirreL SQL Developer, but have you wondered if Tora SQL Client is better for you? The good news is that both tools are free. Fortunately, both of these tools are cross-platform. They support MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, as well as many other databases via ODBC. Tora is a bit outdated, though, and its interface feels dated if you’re connecting to MySQL. You’re better off trying one of these applications for PostgreSQL, HeidiSQL, or DBeaver instead.

SQuirreL SQL Client is a free, open-source database administration tool. It uses the JDBC driver system to access the database. This application has a graphical interface that lets you browse data in tables, issue SQL commands, and view database structure. This makes SquirreL SQL Client a great choice for database administrators. It’s also free, open-source, and based on Java.

Valentina Studio

If you are looking for an alternative to SquirreL SQL developer, Valentina Studio may be right for you. It’s a free database management tool with robust features. It includes utilities for data management, server administration, and schema editing. It also includes a full-featured SQL editor. Users can even preview their reports before exporting them. This makes it easy to create reports that are both interesting and informative.

This free database management tool supports MySQL, Postgres, and Valentina DB databases. It also supports Valentina DB, SQLite, and Valentina DB databases. Valentina Studio is a cross-platform database administration tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and includes support for SQLite, MySQL, and Valentina DB. It also includes reports, a graphical data model, and an autocomplete feature. It has a very user-friendly interface, and users can customize the setup to fit their needs.

Valentina Studio is a free IDE with a commercial edition. It is a powerful universal database management tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and SQLite databases. The PRO version has many additional features, including Data Transfer, Visual Query Builder, SQL DIFF, and Report Designer. However, it’s still not perfect, so we would recommend trying out both versions.

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