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If you have ever wondered how many words equal a page in an Amazon Short Read, you’re not alone. Many Kindlepreneur authors have reported varying word counts per page. Depending on the spelling and use of symbols, word counts can be as high as 400 words or as low as 100.

Kindle Unlimited

Whether you’re looking to promote a new book series or a new author’s latest novel, Kindle Unlimited short reads are a great way to reach a new audience. For as little as $9.99 a month, Kindle Unlimited offers a diverse library of books from different genres. As long as you’re willing to pay the monthly fee, the service will be a huge hit with readers.

While marketing short works is easier than selling a full-length novel, the benefits can be just as great. Effective marketing and pre-marketing can pay off handsomely, and word-of-mouth recommendations from readers can be particularly effective. To make the most of your marketing efforts, learn the craft of producing quality short reads and participate in marketing groups dedicated to Kindle Unlimited.

If you enjoy historical fiction, try one of the many short reads available for free in Kindle Unlimited. The evocative tale about a young girl found dead and miraculously brought back to life is sure to thrill readers. This book enthrals readers with its sumptuous prose and whimsical magic.

A monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited lets you access more than 2 million digital titles. The service allows you to download books from any device without the need for a Kindle device. Once you subscribe, you can read as many as 20 titles at once. Unlike other subscriptions, Kindle Unlimited lets you download titles on any device. And since the subscription is unlimited, you can enjoy the titles as often as you want.

In addition to short reads, the platform also offers magazines. The selection is not small but it is plenty for a person who reads less than an hour per day. The catalog changes frequently and is not overwhelming. It also suggests books for the reader to read, making the subscription even more valuable for the reader.

Kindle Unlimited is a great way to sample new releases. With a monthly fee of $9.99, it offers unlimited access to more than one million titles. It also includes magazines and comic books. Plus, it comes with audiobook companions powered by Audible. So, if you’re looking for a great book, Kindle Unlimited is the perfect way to access it.

Kindle Unlimited has a more expansive catalog than Prime Reading. It’s much cheaper than Prime Reading, and it offers access to more books than the latter. Prime Reading is also better for deal seekers, but Kindle Unlimited is the better choice for avid readers. It offers unlimited reading and a variety of benefits, including exclusive shopping deals, music, and faster shipping.


If you’re writing a short story for Kindle, you’re probably wondering how many words equal a page. The average length of a Kindle short story is between 15 and twenty pages. The number of words you need per page depends on many factors, including the amount of pictures and content. The word count for a page varies by genre and category. The length of a page can range from a few hundred to twenty thousand words, so you need to consider these factors before writing.

Amazon’s new system does not penalise authors for longer books. It assumes that readers will read short reads at a faster pace than readers of larger books. While this may sound like a good idea, there’s a potential problem with the new system: It penalises shorter books.

One way to make sure you’re getting a high-quality book is to use a quality e-reader. You can use an app that provides a page break based on word count and length. In most cases, it’s easier to find books with shorter word counts than long ones. But, if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you can contact Amazon customer support and ask them for help. They’ll make sure to fix the issue.

Another option is to write a shorter book. Kindle singles are a lot shorter than long books. A fantasy novel could be a hundred pages long, but a romance novel might be only five pages. A short story requires condensing a story and reducing the number of characters. The content should be concise and interesting without too much filler.

The length of a book can affect its price. An e-book that’s shorter than a novel will cost less than half that. However, a longer book may cost more than a novella. Therefore, it’s important to consider the word count before you set the price.

Amazon introduced a new royalty scheme for Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners Lending Library in July 2015. Authors are now paid based on how many pages a borrower reads. Essentially, each page is worth $0.005779. This is the new standard for Kindle editions.

A Kindle can hold a file size of up to 650 MB. That is approximately 8,000 pages. A high-resolution image can take up more data than a book’s text. A Kindle Fire can hold more than 6,000 e-books.

Kindle Short Reads

There is a general rule that one page in a Kindle short story has 250 words. This length may change based on quality of content, how many pictures are used, and the genre or category of the short story. The page count can range anywhere from one to 100 pages. This flexibility allows authors to choose how many words per page they’re comfortable writing.

While Amazon has chosen settings that closely represent the page count of a traditional print edition, the Kindle word count per page is not always accurate. Some authors who are self-publishing reported seeing varying word counts, anywhere from a hundred to 400. The reason for this variation is that some words have more than one letter, and some writing uses more spaces. As such, it is hard to accurately estimate the page count of a Kindle short read.

Depending on the genre, the word count per page may vary considerably. For example, a 100-page book may contain 25,000 words, whereas a 150-page book may contain 37,500 words. Similarly, larger books tend to have more pages, and a 200-page book can have up to 60,000 words. If you’re planning to write a Kindle short read, remember to keep your word count low but not too low. While you’ll want to focus on quality over quantity, a well-marketed, readable short read can beat out a book that’s too wordy.

The size of a Kindle short read may also affect the price. A full-length novel can be priced at $9.99, while a novella can cost as little as $2.99. However, authors who are charging more than this tend to get a lot of negative feedback.

Kindle Short-Reads Word Count

There are no definite amount of words that a Kindle short reads should have. Amazon Short Reads’ word count could be anything between 250 and 25000 words. It depends on the quality of the content, quantity of pictures, genre, and sometimes category. The page counts of the Kindle eBooks can range between 1 and 100 pages. As a writer and/or publisher, you are at liberty to choose how much to write within this range.

Normally, the estimated length is determined based on the page turns on a Kindle. These settings are meant to represent a physical book so that each turn becomes a page. The kindle settings for determining a Kindle page include font size (smallest), condensed typeface, small line spacing, and default words per line.

Kindle Short-Reads Words to Pages

If you are planning to publish, say 20 pages, of a Kindle e-book, you must be wondering how many words exactly can fit on a page. Most people that have used this platform will tell you that a Kindle page is about 250 to 300 words. So for a 20-page short story, you may need 5000 to 6000 words.

Another way of looking at it is deciding how much time you intend your target audience to spend on the short story. Here are some tentative time frames that you can use to determine the short read words to pages for your audience on kindle:

  • 15 minutes: 1-11 Kindle pages (approx. 250-2750 words)
  • 30 minutes: 12-21 Kindle pages (2751-5250 words)
  • 45 minutes: 22-32 Kindle pages (5251 -8000 Words)
  • One hour: 33-43 Kindle pages (8001-10,750 words)
  • 90 minutes: 44-64 Kindle pages (10751-16,000 words)
  • Two hours or more: 65-100 kindle pages (16001-25,000 words)

Kindle Short-Read Categories/Ranges

When it comes to guidelines on amazon’s short reads word count, the category of the story does not matter so much. Whether it is fiction or nonfiction, romance or art & photography, the main idea is to work with the provision of kindle pages as well as timelines.

Depending on the goals of your writing, you can use this e-book segment for different categories of topics such as pitches, manuals, photography, or short memoir. Remember, do not focus too much on quantity – short read word count – and forget to deliver quality to your readers. Ultimately, with proper marketing, a concise, quality Amazon short read will beat a wordy, low-quality short read, hands down, any day.

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