Black Cats And Halloween

Poetry - Black Cats And Halloween

In the shadows of the moon’s pale gleam, On Halloween night, a bewitching dream, There roam mysterious felines, sleek and black, With eyes that shimmer, like a witch’s knack.

These midnight cats, with fur as dark as coal, Are guardians of secrets, or so we’re told, They tread softly through the haunted night, Guided by the spectral, eerie light.

With whiskers twitching, they prowl and creep, As the world falls under the spell they keep, In the eerie glow of the jack-o’-lantern’s grin, They dance with shadows, a macabre spin.

In the heart of October’s chill and gloom, These black cats weave through the graveyard’s tomb, Their tails like wisps of a sorcerer’s spell, In the tapestry of Halloween, they dwell.

But superstitions can’t hold them down, For these cats hide neither a smile nor a frown, They’re creatures of magic, both sly and wise, With a touch of enchantment in their glowing eyes.

So on this night of mystery and fright, When the moon is high, casting eerie light, Embrace the black cats, their spirits free, For they’re part of the enchanting Halloween spree.

With a purr and a wink, they’ll lead the way, Through the haunted night until the break of day, Black cats and Halloween a timeless pair, In the realm of darkness, they’ll always dare.

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