Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

We started giving rocket our dog some years ago, not because they really needed it, but because we notice they were eating a lot of grass, we took him for walks. Admittedly, they still chew on the grass, and we go for walks, but we been giving broccoli with their dinner every night, and they seem to really look forward to the broccoli in her dinner.

How to give broccoli to your dog?

My recommendation for giving broccoli to your dogs is to cook the broccoli first and let cool and serve it to them. I suppose there are several ways you could do this, you could steam the broccoli for example, but we simply take a bag of frozen broccoli thrown in the microwave for about five minutes until thoroughly cooked. Then, we let the broccoli cool and add it to their evening dog food.

Here are a few of tips for adding broccoli to your dogs’ meal.

First, is that smaller is better we have found that some dogs don’t like large chunks of broccoli too much and may tend to eat around it and come back to it. However, using broccoli that has been chopped small we found that all our dogs have appreciated over the years. Using chopped broccoli also significantly reduces the potential for choking on large pieces, which might be tougher to chew or swallow it sure dog like one of ours doesn’t like to chew and just inhales her food.

Second, we like to add a little yogurt to the mix during it into their eat broccoli and dog food. The dogs seem to like the yogurt is a little extra bit of flavor, and we want to believe that they live culture, and the yogurt that we make every week helps add some probiotics to their tummies.

The hazards of feeding your dog broccoli

the most significant risk probably is choking if you don’t use small pieces of broccoli when you feed them, but using chopped broccoli solves this problem quite nicely.

Second, some folks argue that there are harmful chemicals in broccoli, which may cause stomach irritation or some dogs. Frankly, we’ve never experienced this, but I would recommend that you start small and watch your dog and if they seem to have difficulties discontinue giving the broccoli.

Lastly, this was an unexpected problem. You may have to guard your dog’s food. This sounds strange, but whichever dog finishes their dinner first, they may decide to go steal from the other dog, which obviously can lead to conflict. I have more than one seen our German Shepherd snatch a piece of broccoli that of the other dogs’ dish and gracefully sneak away to try to eat it. So, if you have more than one animal, you may need to keep an eye out for potential bandits.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?