Easy Fall Dessert Ideas

Cooking - Easy Fall Dessert Ideas

Fall is here, so it’s time to get creative with your fall desserts. Get in the holiday spirit and make any of these yummy recipes now. They will warm you up on those autumn evenings. They are great comfort foods as well. The following recipes are:

Apple pie – Get creative with this popular fall dessert. With a rich apple pie filling, add cranberry and a few drops of cinnamon. Then top off this delicious sweet with a cherry on top and you have a beautiful dessert. This is a good one for those who like to eat dessert before they eat their favorite meal.

Cinnamon Roll – Another healthy fall dessert recipe that calls for cinnamon. This one is made by combining pumpkin puree, vanilla ice cream, sugar, cinnamon, and cream cheese. You’ll love the combination of pumpkin and cinnamon.

Apple cinnamon Roll – This is another great combination. You’ll need apple cider, cinnamon sticks, and brown sugar. Mix all of these ingredients together and roll them into a ball. Place the apple mixture in an oven and cook for about 25 minutes or until done.

Cherry Apple Pie – You can’t go wrong with this classic. Start with a delicious apple pie filling. Top off with a scoop of chilled custard and some shredded and finely crumbled cheeses. Add a layer of fresh fall toppings and you’ve got a delicious, healthy dessert.

Salted Caramel Bar – Delicious, warm, and filling are all things that describe this dessert. With a little bit of a twist, you can add some cinnamon to bring out the caramel flavor. In addition to the traditional graham cracker crust, try a whole wheat crust for extra texture. Then drizzle over some brown sugar and cinnamon powder for a great way to top off your dessert. Before you know it you’re having second helpings of this amazing dessert.

Hot Apple Cider Dessert – This is another delicious fall recipe that you can make for your family. If you have never tried apple cider then you’re in for a real treat. Pumpkin puree, apple cider vinegar, canned pumpkin, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, and butter make for a delicious combination. Serve this delicious fall dessert with some fresh fall fruit and you’ll be sure to enjoy it again. You will be trying pumpkin spice bread soon enough!

If you try some of these ideas you’ll find you have a wide range of flavors to choose from instead of just fall favorites. These recipes offer lots of variety, which means you don’t have to settle for just one unhealthy recipe. Instead, you can expand your menu and create healthy desserts for all the members of your family. These easy-to-make recipes are especially good because they can be made from ingredients that everyone likes including sugar-free candy. Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping and you’re sure to find some great recipes that everyone will love.

Maple Carrot Cake – This healthy Maple Spice Cake with a sweet caramelized sugar glaze. A traditional Maple Spice Cake will have a rich cinnamon flavor, but you can add other spices like nutmeg, cloves, or cardamom. Maple sugar adds a sweet touch, and you can use honey, molasses, raisins, or even powdered sugar to give the cake a sweet caramelized flavor. You can serve it plain, with whipped cream or a rich sugar glaze. This easy dessert will satisfy the most sophisticated taste buds.

Cinnamon Roll Bars – Delicious hot cinnamon roll bars are easy to make with just a loaf of whole wheat bread, a cinnamon stick, and butter. You can make a basic plain flavor, or you can add nuts like pecans or cashews for a delicious spicy flavor. Or, if you like cinnamon in your coffee, try adding cinnamon glaze to your hot coffee before you sip it. The cinnamon in the coffee really stands out!

Pie Crust – Another great Fall dessert idea is a sweet potato pie. If you like you can top this pie with apple sauce. It is so easy to make, and so delicious. For an extra sweet treat, drizzle some brown sugar over the top of the crust. Top with a baked apple, and you have a wonderful Fall dessert.

Miniature Fall dessert ideas include apple bars, chocolate chip crumb cakes, and chocolate-covered berries. You can also top these mini fruits with a variety of fruits, such as fresh strawberries, blackberries, peaches, melons, and grapes. To avoid the melt-in-the-mouth taste, top with a yogurt-flavored whipped cream. You can also choose a simple crust for your Fall pastry crust.

Cooking – Easy Fall Dessert Ideas