How to Make A Bread Stuffing

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How to make Classic bread stuffing. It is such an old-fashioned and traditional way to have food when on a diet. When we were younger, we would make all kinds of different foods that were unhealthy. As we got older, we tried to change our style and nutrition. I still enjoy cooking and would really like to learn how to make a wonderful meal. I know I can provide a wonderful meal to my family each year if I were to try and recreate some of the meals my mother taught me.

So, as you can imagine, I was very hesitant to try and modify my mother’s recipe. She passed it down to me, as she had told me many times over, and I was determined to honor her memory by not changing it at all. Making Classic Bread Stuffed Peppers With Cheese is not hard, but it takes a bit of talent. So with Canadian Thanksgiving coming up and being in pre-production mode, I thought I would share the old classic bread stuffing recipe that I have used for years. Also wanted to share a bit today about the “cheese and butter” dressing that is now available in most stores.

The ingredients to make bread stuffing are; one pound of dry bread crumbs (brown), two cups of milk, one teaspoon of dried thyme, one tablespoon of dried Rosemary, and one tablespoon dried basil. Also, make sure to have your garlic on hand or in the pantry. And of course, you need all of these spices! These ingredients will be enough for around two or three servings, depending on how much is needed.

Now that I have all of my supplies, it is time to start cooking. First, remove the pepper from the tomatoes. Then, using a food processor or a blender, puree the tomatoes, onion, and garlic until they are smooth puree. This is very important in many of my Thanksgiving recipes because the puree needs to be a smooth consistency. Otherwise, the bird will not be able to chew it properly, and it will not get as hot as it should be.

With my processor or blender, I also added in about half a cup of flour. Then with the whole grain bread stuffing recipe that I was using, about one cup of sourdough bread crumbs, and about a third cup of chicken broth, I found that this was an all-time easy bread stuffing recipe. It was delicious, filling, and very tasty. In fact, many of my guests who tried it came back for more, requesting more.

Now that I know how to make a classic bread stuffing recipe to give my Thanksgiving turkey party guests something hearty and delicious, I have another recipe that I am working on right now. I have made some delicious Chicken Cranberry Sauce with chicken, cranberries, and green onions that go great with the chicken. I am also making a Turkey & Cheddar Stuffed Pork Chops that I think is a real favorite for thanksgiving.

I blended about two cups of the chicken broth with my processor or blender, dried cranberries, and a quarter teaspoon of the butternut squash soup. Then using my immersion circulator, slowly add in the mixture until it simmers. You should feel the sauce heating up. Then I spooned the mixture into my vacuum seal bags, which went into the freezer for about ten minutes to let the flavors blend. Then, I use my food processor or blender and process the remaining ingredients into a fine mixture. Then I spooned this into my vacuum sealers, used the same process to seal the bag, and then placed my homemade Thanksgiving turkey on top.

I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving meal that includes one of the most traditional Thanksgiving side dishes and one of the easiest-to-make thanksgiving recipes. This year, you can develop your own classic bread stuffing recipe and share it with family and friends. This recipe uses true butter to create the flavor and has a delicious texture thanks to the moistness of the chicken broth and the butternut squash soup.

How to Make A Bread Stuffing
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