How to Make Beef Consomme

Cooking - How to Make Beef Consomme

Consomme is a French word for sour soup. It is derived from the German wordserbronen, meaning sour, and bronen, meaning broth. The soup has been around since ancient times and is known in English as “bastard stew.” I was amazed to discover that Consomme is actually an original dish in French cuisine and that it contains a unique combination of ingredients.

Although, unlike broth, beef consomme contains no stock. In fact, it is not usually added to soups, stews, or other dishes. It is served cold in big glasses with a touch of lemon juice. In France, the soup is served with a piece of crusty bread that is dipped in the beef broth.

Consomme is thought to have originated in the southern part of France. There, the people had plenty of time to create complex and tasty meals. When it comes to health, nothing beats Consomme. Consomme can be prepared in many ways. In the past, when people had no refrigeration, they would make their beef consomme by boiling beef bones in large pots with stock. This stock gave them the rich beef flavor but also had to be kept cold.

The French people, who were well acquainted with refrigeration, devised the idea of using egg whites for cooking the beef consomme. The egg whites were first heated to around 90 degrees until they reached their internal temperature. They could then slowly simmer the egg whites in their broth for hours. To taste, a person could then take the boiled egg whites and add fresh herbs, capers, and pimento. Other traditional additions include fresh lemon juice, white wine, or a few drops of rosewater.

To make a beef consomme, you will need a beef liver, a half onion, a quarter cup of flour, one-third cup of dried porcini mushrooms, a quarter pound of bone-in round steak, and four egg whites. Bring the beef liver to room temperature before starting to cook. Drain any excess fat off the meat and add to the boiling pot onions, mushrooms, steak, and egg whites. Bring to a simmer and cover until it is completely done.

When using a pressure cooker, when you first add the beef broth, make sure it is very hot but not scalding hot. Add the onions, mushrooms, and garlic and cover for at least five minutes. Once the pressure cooker is ready, remove the cover and fluff up the beef broth with a wooden spoon. Then, strain into a container and heat through on low heat.

To enjoy a good beef consomme, you will need to drain off all the solids and then serve them out. Use a steak knife to make several passageways in the beef broth. Each knife must be cut down into one-inch pieces or smaller. Stir the beef broth through each cut and continue to do so until the solids are completely gone. Then, strain into separate containers and allow the beef broth to cool to about room temperature.

When the beef consomme is completely cooled, you can store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to three days. Be sure to keep the lid on tightly and use a wire rack to keep it from drying out. Allow the beef broth to stand at room temperature and enjoy your delicious beef consomme.

Many people enjoy cooking consomme along with rice and vegetables. By substituting the beef stock with condensed beef stock, you can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on preparation. If you are going to cook rice instead of pasta, you could also use canned condensed beef broth to add to the food. Just remember that the condensed beef stock will not have the same flavor as fresh beef broth. You will still need to season the beef with salt and pepper to taste.

To make a yummy beef consomme, simply beat the egg whites to combine until they are a smooth consistency. Then, add the meat to the egg whites and gently fold in the mixture. Bring the eggs to room temperature before beating them again. Next, beat the egg whites with the paddle attachment of your mixer. Make sure you mix the egg whites thoroughly to achieve an egg-white consistency.

To cook the meat in beef broth, place the beef on top of the egg whites and cover it with the mixture. Allow it to continue to cook for about five minutes. Once the liquid has been absorbed, turn the cooker off and allow the mixture to cool down.

How to Make Beef Consomme

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