Creating a Cat-Safe Bird Sanctuary in the Backyard

Creating a Cat-Safe Bird Sanctuary in the Backyard

If you have a cat that continually goes outside and can not keep it inside – which is, by the way only effective way to keep your birds safe from cats – there are a few of things you can do to minimize invasion on your birds. Even if you do not have a cat, your neighbors may have one, or your neighborhood may have them, so let’s take a closer insight into the ways of creating a bird sanctuary safe from cats.

Provide Cover

Birds are using dense vegetation to hide from cats and other predators. If you have a bare lawn, they are uncovered and easy targets.

When you are designing your landscape, try to include:

  • Dense plantings
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Wildflower garden
  • Meadow
  • Use or Plant Native Plants

Native plants not only provide great cover but also offer nesting places and food sources.

Keep Cats Indoors

The tried and tru advise is to keep domesticated cats inside. All other things on this list of ours will be partially effective. Remember that cats are following their natural instinct.

Feeder And Birdbath Placement

In addition to cover and places to hide, birds also need some open space around their feeders/birdbaths so they can easily spot cats before they even have a chance to pounce. You can place feeders and birdbaths fifteen feet away from potential places where cats can hide and attack/sneak.

Natural Food For Birds

If cats are focused and stalking out bird feeders, you may need to remove them to protect your birds. As a replacement, you can feed your birds with native plants and their seeds, insects, and berries. Native plants will not gather many birds in the same place as the feeder does, which is the main reason cats are focused on this place.

Benefits of native plants:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Adjusts to the environment
  • Eliminate greenhouse gases
  • Vital habitats to different species
  • Aesthetically looks good
  • Environmentally conscious

Avoid Feeding Strays

We understand that you are an animal lover and want to help feral stray cats around your block. If you are trying to protect your birds, avoid this. Feeding strays will only exacerbate the problem with strays, and they will, at one point, find your birds and continuously keep coming back for their prey.

Motion Detector

Like any other method, this one is also not 100% effective, but it can be helpful. It is thought that a sudden bright light can spook your cat. You can even try with the motion detector sprinklers. A jet of water will surprise cats and teach them to stay away from your yard. It’s a harmless method.

The Takeaway

If you try to keep your cat indoors, these tips will add additional protection. Although none of them are one hundred percent effective. However, by perseverance, testing various variations, and sincere desire, you will provide your birds with the best level of safety.