Does an Excerpt From Your Blog Post Help Your Blog SEO?

Blogging - Does an Excerpt From Your Blog Post Help Your Blog SEO

Does an excerpt from your blog post help SEO? The first 100 words of your post are displayed in search engine results, and searchers typically scan search engine results for keywords related to the search term or the blog post’s goal. Therefore, the first 100 words of your post are crucial for attracting visitors.

Easy Custom Auto Excerpts plugin

The Easy Custom Auto Excerpts plugin allows you to automatically generate excerpts for your posts. It also displays the excerpt on the home page, archive pages, and search results. The plugin also allows you to customize the “read more” button. It also has an excellent rating and more than 100K active installations.

You can customize your excerpts with a few clicks. You can change the font color, size, and style of the excerpts. You can also specify the length of the excerpt and whether or not you want to include a “Read More” button. The plugin is compatible with many themes and offers support that is quick and responsive.

Automatic excerpts often don’t accurately reflect the contents of your posts. It’s a good idea to write your own blurbs. WordPress will use the first 55 words of your post as an excerpt. It’s also possible to customize your excerpts based on category or RSS feed.

The Easy Custom Auto Excerpts plugin is free to download and install. It allows you to customize your blog page and excerpts. You can list your blog posts by query type, choose a layout for the post’s excerpt, change pagination, and show a featured image or title tag. The plugin also lets you control whether the post excerpt shows or hides. You can also customize the text and set a custom character count for the excerpt. The plugin will even let you save your custom post excerpt.


Having an excerpt from a blog post on your homepage is an excellent SEO practice. It helps you avoid duplicating content, reduces page load time, and lowers bounce rate. It also helps you keep the content on the page short and easy to read. Readability is important for Google and your readers.

To write a good excerpt, think of what you would want your readers to take away from the post. The excerpt is usually just one or two sentences long and should capture the main topic of the post. It should be concise enough to entice readers to click on the link to read the rest of the post. You may also want to organize your excerpt by categories or tags to help readers navigate the content.

When writing an excerpt, keep the word count to 55 to 100 words. Make sure that it includes the most important information, and hooks the reader’s attention. Since this is not the entire post, keep it short enough to appear in search results and social media. You can also make subheadings to help organize your content.

Using an excerpt from a blog post is a great way to increase your blog’s search engine rankings. In WordPress, for example, you can switch off “continue reading” links and use “more” tags. Then, you can use a grid layout similar to a regular gallery page. Remember to not make the page too long, as this will negatively affect its performance.


Shopify offers a way for bloggers to display a short excerpt from their blog posts on their store listing pages. These excerpts display a link to the full article and help improve your blog’s search engine rankings. To add an excerpt to a post, simply edit it within Shopify’s admin panel. It’s located under the label Excerpt.

Besides adding a blog post excerpt, Shopify also lets you add an image or video. It also lets you assign the post title and tags. Once you’re done, you can publish it or schedule it for later. You can also assign an image or a featured image to each blog post.

Shopify blogs also have built-in SEO functionality. This is important because your blog needs to be discovered by Google. To achieve this, it should have a link to your RSS feed so your readers can subscribe to it. Alternatively, you can add a widget to your blog so visitors can subscribe to your blog.

The editor of a Shopify blog post is similar to those of other Shopify pages. Once you create a blog, make sure to fill in the Excerpt field. This is where you summarize your blog post for search engines. Then, give your blog a title, content, tags, and a featured image. You can add any user to the author list. By default, your blog will be called “news”; you can change this name to something more appropriate for your brand.

Embedded widgets

An excerpt is just a short section of a blog post. Its goal is to hook a reader so they click through to read the rest of the post. An excerpt should contain between 55 and 100 words, and it should be concise enough to show up in search results and be shared on social media.

You can create an excerpt manually or have it generated automatically for you. Ideally, you should write your own blurb. Otherwise, WordPress will automatically use the first 55 words of your post as an excerpt. The most important part of your excerpt is the headline, so make sure it’s informative.

In addition, you can use an excerpt to promote your blog posts. This can help your page load faster. A good excerpt of a blog post can make it easier for search engines to find you. This method is also useful for promoting your blog posts on your homepage.

WordPress themes

An excerpt from a blog post is a great way to promote your posts. You can display an excerpt on the homepage, promote the post on your homepage, or create an archive of content. Post excerpts are short summaries of the full post that contain a link to the full text.

Excerpts can be produced manually or automatically. It is recommended to write your own blurbs, but you can also rely on WordPress to generate an excerpt for you. WordPress will automatically use the first 55 words of each post as the excerpt. If you have a long post, write an excerpt to make it appear shorter and easier for readers to read.

Having an excerpt of a blog post that focuses on your focus keyword can boost your blog SEO. Make sure you use your focus keyword in the title and in the body. Include the keyword in the meta description, URL, and title of the post. Don’t overuse keywords, though. Stuffing keywords can make an article seem spammy. Google has become more sophisticated over the years, and an excerpt of a blog post can help the search engines know more about the content.

Another way to optimize the content of a blog post is by incorporating images. Images engage readers and improve the overall page ranking of a post. If you don’t have the resources to buy images, you can find royalty-free images online. Try Pexels or Canva to find images for your post. Just make sure they are free of copyright. Another way to optimize images is to add alt tags. There are plugins for WordPress that make this easy.

Google’s Focus Keyphrase

Adding an excerpt from a blog post to your blog can increase its SEO. It can also be a good way to include your keyword in your content. The main goal here is to make your content as complete as possible. To achieve this, you should conduct keyword research and use tools like Clerascope and Semrush Writing Assistant.

An excerpt from a blog post hooks readers with a short summary of the content. You want this excerpt to appear in search engine results, along with the title and description. Google readers will also display an excerpt if you have the summary checkbox checked in their reading settings.

While an excerpt from a blog post can help your SEO, you must use it strategically and consistently. When choosing keywords for your blog post, keep in mind that long-tail keywords are more impactful than short-tail ones. This is because people who are searching for long-tail keywords are more likely to read your entire post. These visitors are also more likely to convert.

Another reason to use an excerpt is that it makes the reader want to read more. An excerpt should be no longer than a sentence or two, which makes it easy to read. It might appear on your home page or on Google, so make sure the excerpt is short enough to encourage people to click through to read the rest of the article. You can also use tags to organize your excerpts into categories. This will help readers navigate the content and help Google understand what each post is about.

How To Use Excerpts On Your WordPress Posts
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