Downsize Your Lures For Fall Fishing Success

Downsize Your Lures For Fall Fishing Success

Fall fishing can mean a variety of different things in different parts of the country. For instance, you can enjoy a great bite in the northern regions of the country, but find it challenging below the Mason-Dixon line. Whatever your destination, the key is to be prepared with the right lures.

Fat body crankbaits

Crankbaits of different body shapes work well at different times of the year. The right shape will depend on the body of water, temperature, and baitfish available in the area. Early in the year, slimmer flat sided crankbaits are ideal. They mimic the movement of fleeing crawfish. The best colors for these baits are red or brown.

Crankbaits in the shad body group imitate gizzard shad and thread fin shad. Their wobbling action is wider and they have a more pronounced wobble. This makes them an excellent fall walleye bait. This bait works well with slower and faster retrieves, and they are especially effective as the water cools.

To get a bite on these baits, use the proper technique. Cast the bait slowly and pause to entice the fish to strike. When fishing in schools, it’s important to slow down. Fish often strike only when the bait deflects off the bottom. If you’re working in clear water, use a 3 foot section of mono line or light-stretch fluoro leader.

Fall fishing has been productive for many anglers. Bass have moved from deeper water to shallower water to store their winter fat. This action will continue until late November. Fish are active all day long in shallow water, but the best catches have been during the midday hours.

Fat body crankbaits offer different applications. They can be used for bass and panfish, and can be effective in clear, cool water. Almost every type of crankbait can be converted into a deep diving model. These lures can be cast or trolled. Ensure you maintain a constant speed so the lure remains at maximum depth.

Besides using a swim jig, you can also use tube jigs. Tube jigs are still a viable option despite declining rusty crayfish populations. These baits are made of soft, salt-impregnated plastics that last longer. This allows you to use the same bait several times during the fishing season.

If you are targeting striped bass, try shad-colored square-bill crankbaits. These baits mimic the behavior of shad. They work well in shallow coves where shad are spawning.


One of the most familiar and iconic lures for fall fishing is the spinnerbait. It’s been a staple on anglers’ decks for decades. While the classic combo of double willow leaf and Colorado willow is still the most popular fall bait, a 1/4 ounce spinnerbait can be just as effective in this season.

During fall, bass will often hang out on the bottom, making the slow roll of a spinnerbait on the bottom of the lake a more effective retrieve. If you can get them to react to a slow roll, it will often entice a reaction strike.

One tip for spinnerbait fishing during the fall season is to downsize your spinnerbaits. As water temperatures rise, anglers can use the Yo-Yo technique to give their spinnerbaits more action. This method involves a moderate up-and-down retrieve, with most strikes coming as the spinnerbait drops. When temperatures continue to rise, anglers can also use the basic steady retrieve. To begin, cast the spinnerbait past the desired area and crank the rod back slowly. As the water warms, you can increase the rate of retrieve and add a little extra weight to the bait.

As the fall seasons pass by, bass will come to the surface to feed. During this time, they tend to move closer to cover and will search for food in the shallows. Because of this, anglers will find it difficult to find bass at the end of November. However, the trick to finding a bass during this time is to keep two different spinnerbaits ready to use at all times. One should be an inch-sized spinnerbait and the other should be a half-ounce or 3/8-ounce version.

In addition to using different blade sizes, anglers can also experiment with the speed and motion of the retrieve. When fishing in shallow waters, a slow and gradual retrieve can get the bait to the bottom of the water faster and entice more bass. So, experiment and try out different ways to work the spinnerbait.

The main benefit of using different blade sizes is that you can choose the best one for the conditions. Often, the temperature of the water will determine whether or not a specific blade will work well in cold water. If the water is cold, a spinnerbait blade with two Colorado blades will work best. Another option is to use Indiana blades, which are a hybrid of Colorado and Indiana blades.

YUM Chrsitie Craw

If you’re looking for a lure that works well on all types of fishing rigs, try a YUM Chrsitie Crab. This unique topwater bait features long arms and a fighting position, making it an excellent choice for bass fishing. This bait also comes in a wide variety of colors.

Fall fishing calls for a different approach than summer. Bass are on the lookout for shad as they fatten up before winter. While it can be tough to compete with a meal like shad, if you use the right lure, you can maximize your catch.

While a variety of live baits can provide a consistent catch, crank baits and swimbaits are most effective. You can also try red wigglers and imitation shad baits. In general, bass bite best on small crankbaits and worms.

Arashi Top Walker

The Storm Arashi Top Walker plug has a responsive walking action, delivering a longer glide and powerful wake. Its low roll action keeps hooks close to the bait, increasing hook-up percentage. It features triple-rotated hook hangers that nest the hooks close to the bait. The multiple rattles provide a varied pitch frequency that attracts schooling baitfish.

This walking lure is one of the best topwater lures on the market. It creates a lot of commotion on the surface of the water, which draws bass. If you’re trying to catch bass during the fall, the Arashi Top Walker is a great option. The lure also works well with creature baits and finesse worms.

The Arashi Top Walker is available in 3/4 and one-half-ounce weights. The lure comes with three No. 4 premium VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks and is available in 10 color patterns, most of which are translucent. The new Ghost Pearl Shad pattern is a new addition to the Arashi Top Walker.

Bass love shad during the fall. They’re trying to fatten up before winter, and they’re hard to compete with an easy meal. When the weather is right, these baitfish will come to a chunk rock point or gravel flat. This type of point is ideal for channel swings, too.

Downsizing Lures To Catch Fall Bass 
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