Guidelines For Women’s Business Professional Dress


Over the years, business attire has changed significantly, particularly in the last 10 years. Now, companies, specifically, consulting industries prefer and encourage a more professional and defined dress code for maintaining a professional image of the business, where employees interact routinely with business partners, clients, and prospects.

Problems arise when businesswomen prefer to dress in the latest styles or comfortably, instead of realizing the significance for them to portray themselves in a professional manner.

If you want to get success at your workplace, then it is important for you to dress smartly, as this plays an important role in enhancing your personality. It is suggested to always dress for the position you want, rather than the job you are doing currently.

You might have noticed that even in a casual business attire atmosphere, usually, executives dress formally. Your business attire is very important because it makes your impression in front of coworkers, company executives, bosses, clients, and customers.

The Choice of Color

It does not matter that you are meeting with one of your top clients or employees. Bearing in mind that the color you choose to wear conveys an unspoken message. Businesswomen need to realize that the choice of dress color is as significant as cut and fit. Following are some tips that show how color can impact your persona and how necessary it is in power projection.

  • Navy connotes authority; thus, it is your power color. You can wear navy color while giving presentations, public speaking, and for opening/closing arguments.
  • Gray and blue hues are your dependability and loyalty colors. Thus, they are great for traveling and convey a good work ethic.
  • Think of wearing black when you want to outshine your competition.
  • White and black are confident colors and will give you a great look.

Basic Guidelines to Dress For Success

  • You can wear a conservative gray skirted or dark navy wool-blend suit (brown or beige are also acceptable).
  • Another choice is a blazer along with a skirt and blouse. Always make sure that your skirt length is a little below the knee.
  • Blouses should be of white or any other light color, and the fabric can be both silk and cotton. Your attire should be well-tailored, pressed, and clean.
  • Solid colors are best. However, light plaids or stripes will also work unless they don’t shine or cling.
  • When it comes to shoes, choose basic conservative pumps instead of extremely high heels or no strappy sandals.
  • Another important guideline is to remember that jewelry should be subtle and minimal, for example, a simple silver set or set of pearls (not too big).

You can assemble a wardrobe that is comfortable and attractive and will look extremely professional if you dress according to the above guidelines. Avoid looks that you would wear to a club, to do home chores, to an athletic competition, the beach, or to a party. Even though professional business dressing doesn’t define your competence as an employee, but it definitely influences your personality and makes your impression in front of your customers, coworkers, and boss regarding your professionalism and capabilities.