Recipe – Homemade Vanilla Latte

Recipe - Homemade Vanilla Latte

The vanilla latte is a marvelous espresso drink. The name “latte” is Italian meaning milk. While vanilla describes the flavor. The vanilla latte is a coffee consisting of espresso, steamed milk, vanilla flavoring and sometimes just a little foam. But of course, you can get creative and make any adjustments you like.

You may be wondering how you can make your very own vanilla latte at home. It’s very easy and you can use the appliances and utensils that you already have.

Things you will need

  • Coffee maker: You will need this to brew the coffee. If you have an espresso machine that can make the process easier. But a regular coffee maker will work perfectly fine for this recipe.
  • Small Pot: You will need a pot to steam or heat your milk in. Even your smallest pot will likely be sufficient for this recipe. If you don’t have a small pot you could use a bowl and heat your milk in the microwave.
  • Spoon or small whisk: You will need an item to stir the ingredients with. You can use a spoon or a small whisk.
  • Magic Frother Wand or Large Jar ( optional): If you don’t have an espresso machine the Magic Frother Wand which is the easiest way to add foam to your latte, you can also use a large jar or jug to create froth by shaking the milk in a large container before heating.

Now let’s talk about the ingredients you will need. You probably already have these things in your home, especially if you’re a coffee drinker.

Vanilla Latte Ingredients

  • 2 Cups Coffee or 2 Shots espresso: These are of course the main ingredients for a vanilla latte. You can use your favorite brand of coffee; any kind of coffee will be suitable for this recipe. For a bolder taste be sure to use strong brewed coffee. If you want to mix things up consider using coffee that is already flavored.
  • 1/2 Cup Milk or Cream: You can use any kind of milk you prefer. You can also substitute the milk for cream based on your preferences. Or if you can’t decide just use half and half, which is half milk and half cream.
  • 2 Tablespoons Vanilla flavoring: You can use vanilla syrup or vanilla extract. If you want to use vanilla syrup but don’t have any, you can make your own at home.
    • For one serving of vanilla syrup use:
      •  1 cup sugar
      •  1 cup Water
      • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Vanilla Latte Directions

  • Brew your coffee with your coffee maker or espresso machine.
  • Heat your milk or cream on the stove top or in the microwave. Be sure to stir periodically with a spoon or whisk. If you are adding froth using a large container then you should do this before heating the milk.
  • Mix coffee, heated milk, and vanilla flavoring. Use a spoon or other utensil to mix the items together.
  • After mixing you can use your Magic Frother wand.

Enjoy your vanilla latte!