How Most Writers Learn

Quote - How Most Writers Learn

… Writers do not, as a rule, learn by listening and reading. They learn by writing. …

–HBR’s 10 musut Reads : The Essentials, page 49

The meaning of the quote

The quote, “Writers do not, as a rule, learn by listening and reading. They learn by writing,” suggests that the act of writing is the primary way for writers to improve their skills and develop their craft. While listening to others and reading the works of other writers can certainly be beneficial and provide inspiration, the quote emphasizes that the true growth and learning occur through the process of writing itself.

By actively engaging in the act of writing, writers can explore their ideas, experiment with different writing styles and techniques, and refine their abilities. It implies that practice and hands-on experience are crucial for writers to develop their own unique voice, storytelling abilities, and overall mastery of the written word.

The quote also highlights the importance of active participation in the writing process. While absorbing knowledge and insights from other sources is valuable, writers truly internalize and understand those lessons when they put them into practice through their own writing. It suggests that writing is an iterative process where writers learn from their own mistakes, experiment with different approaches, and gradually refine their skills.

This quote emphasizes the significance of the practical aspect of writing as the primary means of growth and learning for writers, rather than relying solely on passive information consumption.

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