iPhone Photography Tips For Bloggers

iPhone photography can easily and efficiently add stunning imagery to your blog, yet taking high-quality shots may prove challenging. Here are a few tips for taking better iPhone images.

1. Skip the flash.

1. Use a tripod.

No matter, if you’re creating flat-lays, product photos, or simply taking selfies for your blog – using a tripod, is one of the best things you can do to ensure crisp and clear pictures while helping prevent camera shake.

Use of a tripod with your iPhone can be made simpler by purchasing a phone mount with either a spring clamp mechanism or clip to securely hold your phone in place.

Use of a plastic bottle cap as a tripod is another inexpensive and simple method. Simply cut two vertical cuts through it so it remains stable. This method works especially well under low light conditions as the cuts need not be evenly spaced between cuts for stability.

2. Take your time.

Like mastering any craft, mastering iPhone photography (known as “iPhoneography”) takes some practice – yet even beginners can create stunning photos using these helpful tips!

Be patient when taking pictures with your phone; taking multiple shots increases your odds of capturing that perfect moment. In addition, use burst mode, which takes 10 shots every second until your finger leaves the button.

Make your photos even more artistic by using the long exposure feature, especially when photographing water or traffic after dark. This will produce an intriguing milky effect, which adds an artistic flare to your photos – you can find this option under composition settings in the settings menu.

3. Focus on your subject.

One simple way to improve iPhone photography is to focus on your subject. Doing this ensures they remain clearly visible within the frame, making it easier for viewers to comprehend the photo.

Your iPhone also offers you an easy way to create more visually appealing compositions by taking advantage of its grid feature. Dividing an image into thirds and placing subjects along these lines or at their intersections will dramatically impact their aesthetic appeal.

If you’re taking photos of an active subject, lock the camera’s focus by tapping on the screen at your chosen area to keep it from automatically focusing on the background instead of your subject – an invaluable tip when photographing people or animals moving about!

4. Take multiple shots.

Professional photographers know that taking multiple shots to get that perfect image requires time and patience, so when taking pictures on your iPhone don’t be shy about taking several so you have plenty of options later.

Take full advantage of your iPhone camera by using apps such as Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom CC or VSCO to make minor edits or create stunning artistic effects in your photos. With these applications in hand, your photos will come out looking their absolute best!

Keep an eye out for shadows and reflections when taking photographs; shadows and reflections can produce captivating images that grab viewers’ attention. You can use shadows and reflections to add depth in your photographs by creating diagonal balance. For instance, if there are two subjects present in a photo together, try positioning them diagonally instead of side-by-side.

5. Use the rule of thirds.

Utilizing the Rule of Thirds when taking photos with your iphone can help you create visually arresting compositions. It is a compositional guideline which utilizes an imaginary grid to divide photos into nine equal parts and points; placing subjects near any of these grid lines or intersections creates more balanced and harmonious pictures.

As part of your photography practice, it can also be helpful to experiment with breaking the rule of thirds. For instance, when photographing an architectural structure like a cathedral or monument it might be more pleasing aesthetically to place your subject directly in the middle of the frame.

Another way to hone your composition skills is to study the work of other skilled photographers. Carefully consider their portfolios, noting how they utilize the rule of thirds in their shots.

6. Use a filter.

Smartphone cameras have become increasingly capable, yet did you know that your iPhone comes equipped with numerous handy features that can help take more professional photographs?

Filters provide a great way to add vintage or dramatic effects to your images, while burst mode lets you capture 10 shots per second and the “adjust” feature lets you alter exposure levels as needed.

Use lightening effects in your photographs to add depth by darkening shadows and emphasizing details, but take care not to overdo it! Also try taking your shots from different angles – this will produce more captivating and distinct photos! For instance, try shooting your picture from below the ground level or even overhead! This can make them much more captivating and memorable!

7. Take a photo of yourself.

Now it is easier than ever to take pictures with your iPhone thanks to new features. Here are a few tips that will help you take beautiful shots:

Play with Angles

An effective way to upgrade any photo is changing up the angle from which you shoot. Try changing up your angle by sitting on a chair or lying on the ground and taking different shots; this will make them much more eye-catching and distinct!

Leading lines can add both balance and interest to your photographs. They draw the eye directly towards the subject of the photo, creating depth. They can be found everywhere from nature scenes to street signs or rails – even diagonal balance can be achieved using leading lines! Try including leading lines in your next photograph!

8. Take a photo of a friend.

Use your iPhone camera to add depth to your photographs by using foreground objects like arches, doorways or window frames to frame your subjects and further the viewer’s eye into the scene.

One way shadows can improve your photos is by adding dramatic flair. They also serve to draw the viewer’s eye toward the subject matter in your photograph, drawing their focus towards it.

HDR mode on an iphone can also enhance the quality of your photos. It combines three separate exposures into one image for greater detail in both highlights and shadows – particularly useful when taking landscape shots.

9. Take a photo of a product.

When taking pictures with an iphone, there are a few key points you must keep in mind in order to take great shots that will wow readers. By following these easy guidelines, you can produce stunning and professional-looking shots which will truly dazzle viewers.

One effective way to enhance your photos is to take them from an unusual viewpoint. Try shooting from lower point-of-view to make your shots feel more intriguing and special.

Also, consider switching to manual focus mode – this allows you to pinpoint specific aspects of the photo – perfect for food photos or closeups!

Make sure to opt for natural lighting over flash photography if possible; this will result in clearer photos with reduced camera shake.

10. Take a photo of a landscape.

Landscape photos on an iPhone can be some of the most rewarding to take due to their abundance of beautiful scenery and ability to be extremely visually stimulating.

One key to successful landscape photography is including a foreground in your photos. Doing this adds depth and creates an engaging focal point. Try including natural elements like rocks or trees as a focal point within your foreground image.

Another tip for improving the photos you take with your phone is to experiment with its exposure settings. You can do this by tapping and dragging on the focus square on your screen before sliding up or down to adjust brightness levels, creating more vibrant and captivating photographs. This can make your shots much more eye-catching!

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