Labor Day Home Grilling Tips

Labor Day Home Grilling Tips

Labor Day marks the official end of summer, making it an ideal occasion to host a memorable cookout. Impress your guests this year with delectable gourmet fare on your menu!

Are You Hosting an Anniversary or Graduation Party? Impress your guests with a tempting spread of appetizers, grilled main courses and sides followed by delectable desserts!

Veggie Skewers

Grilled vegetable skewers make a delicious and easy addition to any meal, from snacks to main courses. Prepare ahead and store in the refrigerator until needed; when serving them warm add a smoky green chile vinaigrette over them while they still sizzle!

Ingredients may be simple, but their combinations are endlessly versatile. Vary vegetables according to what’s available or in season; switch out mushrooms for baby bellas if preferred. Furthermore, spice blends such as Cajun seasoning can add spice or try some fajita seasoning for additional heat.

To create these veggie skewers, heat a grill over medium-high heat and lightly oil its grates. Alternate threading pineapple chunks, zucchini slices, yellow squash slices and mushrooms on metal or wooden skewers and sprinkle with salt before brushing some olive oil-basil-oregano-black pepper mixture onto them before placing onto preheated grill for 10-15 minutes, turning occasionally while basting with remaining olive oil mixture.

If you prefer not to grill vegetables, they can also be baked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven. Simply keep an eye on them, rotating regularly so they cook evenly. As an alternative, aluminum foil wrap can help steam them and prevent any burning that might otherwise occur.

Beef Brisket

No matter whether it is smoked or slow-roasted, beef brisket is an arduous labor that will pay dividends in flavorful and juicy texture. A hard cut from the cow’s breast or chest area requires slow and low cooking to break down collagen fibers into tender meat that becomes the centerpiece of its dish.

Brisket is one of the most economical cuts of beef, making it popular in American Southwest recipes like corned beef and cabbage, pastrami, and pot roast. To create an exceptional brisket dish, start by applying our Traeger Beef Rub 12-24 hours ahead to give its flavors and seasoning time to penetrate deep within the meat’s fibers.

If you don’t have access to fresh brisket, you could substitute with rolled chuck (like we used for our Pot Roast recipe), though this won’t offer the same cooking qualities as whole or flat pieces of brisket. Another fun option would be grilling meat on skewers for guests so everyone can create their own delicious meal!

Grilling makes an inviting addition to any Labor Day menu, but is especially great for creating healthy meals. Choose to grill vegetables, seafood or lean meats while opting for marinades with minimal or no added fats as marinades/dipping sauces for optimal calorie control.

Pork Ribs

Ribs are one of the most popular home grilled items for Labor Day, making a quick and simple dish that works great with either gas or charcoal grills.

Just a few key details will help ensure successful rib grilling. First and foremost, be sure to cook them low and slow: about three hours at 250degF is ideal – until tenderness sets in and the meat has an ideal color and crust.

Ribs should be given a good coating of dry rub before being cooked, giving enough time for it to penetrate all corners of the meat and ensure a juicy and flavorful result. Most recipes will call for the rubbing to occur at least the night prior. This allows time for it to penetrate to all of its crevices so as to produce optimal results that produce juicy and succulent results.

When ready to grill, place the ribs in a foil packet and set it over hot coals (or turn off all burners of your gas grill). As they cook, the package will steam and turn black while steaming continuously during its journey through your oven. After cooking has concluded, take it off the grill and allow to rest for 10 minutes before cutting between bones for serving! You can serve these without or with barbecue sauce!


Mushrooms are an easy, nutritious vegan food option with few calories and full of flavor and texture. Mushrooms contain selenium and ergothioneine which act as antioxidants with anti-inflammatory benefits that provide ample nourishment.

In this recipe, giant portobello mushrooms are filled with mozzarella cheese and tomato before being grilled to create an irresistibly tasty appetizer sure to wow guests.

To create these skewers, first clean and remove stems from mushrooms. Combine olive oil, lemon juice, kosher salt and several grinds of black pepper in a shallow dish before coating both sides of each mushroom with this marinade mixture – allow at least 30 minutes of marinating time prior to grilling for optimal results if using wooden skewers; soak for 15 minutes prior to use if possible.

This vegetarian burger features portobella mushrooms as its meat substitute, and features caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and melty goat cheese for extra umami flavor. Pair this burger with a side salad for an all-in meal solution!

Baked Beans

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and what better way to commemorate its end than with a backyard barbecue? No matter if you’re serving steak, chicken, ribs or some grilled vegetables; classic side dishes like baked beans should always be on hand.

If you prefer canned baked beans (no judgment here!), upgrade them quickly by simply adding bacon and molasses – perfect for grilling! Molasses adds sweetness while providing just the right balance between sweet and salty flavour.

Baked beans are an excellent vegetarian source of protein and provide filling vegetarian meals. Furthermore, baked beans also boast moderate iron and folate levels and can even act as an iron source!

Make quick and easy baked beans by combining soaked navy beans with their cooking liquid in a saucepan and bringing to a boil, before draining while saving any remaining cooking liquid for later. Stir in ketchup, molasses, and brown sugar before pouring the beans into a 2-quart casserole dish topped with bacon strips. Pour just enough reserved cooking liquid over the beans so they remain submerged during baking (approximately 1 1/2 hours at 400 F).

This recipe is quick and simple to make ahead, then simply reheats in the microwave or oven when ready. Add it to a salad for an appealing lunch or dinner option or serve with cheeseburgers and brats!

Grilled Potatoes

Potatoes are an iconic Labor Day grilling ingredient, and now you can elevate their deliciousness with this easy recipe. Not only is this dish delectable; its preparation couldn’t be simpler: Just boil potatoes in salted water until tender before draining and tossing with butter and desired seasonings to add additional flavor and speed up the cooking process. Once finished, simply grill or roast as instructed!

Add fresh herbs to your grilled potatoes for different flavors and styles, like thyme, rosemary or chives for instance. When adding herbs later in the cooking process be careful that they don’t wilt or burn – adding them just before finishing will ensure their optimal use!

Before beginning grilling, it is crucial that your grill has reached the proper temperature and that any potential cross-contamination has been eliminated – this is essential in avoiding foodborne illness. Prick your potatoes all over with a fork prior to placing them on the grill to ensure even cooking without explosions; alternatively try microwaving instead; they still taste delicious while being easier to flip than grilling! Prick them all over with fork before scattering with salt prior to serving!

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