Growing Sweet Marjoram: A Home Gardener’s Guide

Sweet Marjoram is an herb with sweet pine and citrus flavors that will transform any meal into a delectable dish. A native of Cyprus and Southern Turkey, marjoram’s aromatic leaves produce a sweet, woody aroma that leave notes of subtle spiciness and hints of camphor to soups, stews, dressings, and sauces. In this beautifully designed and illustrated book, expert gardener Albert Swope will teach you how to cultivate and grow the different varieties of marjoram indoors or outdoors. You will learn why marjoram has won the hearts of many a cook and has become a favorite culinary herb in numerous dishes ranging from poultry to fish, salads, omelets, lasagna, pizza, and even barbecued meats. Marjoram also enhances the flavor or beans, artichokes, cauliflower, cheese, spinach, and mushrooms. Because of its versatility as a culinary herb, many people prefer growing marjoram either in backyard gardens or in pots. In this comprehensive guide replete with colorful illustrations, master gardener

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