Growing Tarragon: A Home Gardener’s Guide

If you are thinking about growing tarragon, then first you need to be aware of the different varieties of tarragon and the methods used to grow and cultivate them.

There are three types of tarragon – French, Russian and Mexican. The French version is favored most for its great taste, but it cannot be grown from seeds, only cuttings. Russian tarragon is more ornamental, while Mexican tarragon is connected to the marigold family and is good in southern climes.

Tarragon is a member of the lettuce family and the name tarragon means ‘little dragon’. At one time the herb was used to treat snake bites. Nowadays it is used for cooking because of its special licorice-like flavor.

You can find tips and information on how to grow tarragon, both in and outdoors and how to collect it when it is ready. Tarragon must have a minimum of five hours of sunlight each day and if you cannot achieve this with natural light, there are other methods available including high-intensity discharge lights.

Once you have gathered the tarragon you can preserve it in several ways including freezing or drying it.

Tarragon can be used to make sauces, seasonings, and even vinegar. There are several recipes located at the back of the book for you to try and enjoy.

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