The Bean: A Home Gardener’s Guide

Of all the many vegetables found in the common garden at home, the many varieties of bean plants may be one of the most widely popular planting options of all time. From snap beans to shell beans, these power plants provide a spectrum of possibilities for the home gardener to work with in terms of involvement, benefits, and nutrition.

Author and experienced gardener, provides this in-depth guided tour of the world of bean gardening, covering everything from which seeds to use, what soil is best for which plants, how to select the best seeds, and how to prepare beans for cooking, pickling, and canning. There is even a section devoted to basic, standard recipes involving different types of beans. Any gardener certainly knows that there are many factors which contribute to the success or failure of a garden plot, including soil quality and pH balance, irrigation control, support structures, and seed type and quality. It can be a lot for a beginner to process, but Swope’s easy to read guide provides plenty of encouragement and information for any gardener to absorb. Swope grants concise, straightforward recommendations on how to prepare your garden for various types of bean plants and how to best encourage their growth and prosperity.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a greenhorn just starting to discover your green thumb, “The Bean: A Home Gardener’s Guide” is a thorough, detailed exploration of the different kinds of bean plants, what it’s like to grow your own bean plants, and how beans can make a difference both in your diet and in your home garden

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