Burning Spirits of the Crushed Heart

Things were going according to plan, then everything changed. At 46, Scarlett had a life plan that centered on work, marriage, and family. Only she had no marriage and no family thanks to a dormant relationship with her childhood sweetheart. When Archie broke up with her in a text message, it was just the catalyst she needed to make a change. She had a propensity for planning; suddenly embarking on a six-month work assignment in a foreign country was not in her comfort zone. Max had to get away from the studio based in Scotland in order to scout out some fresh talent that would fit into his record label. He couldn’t remember the last time he took a vacation or even left the studio for more than a few hours. He was way overdue and needed inspiration. When he heard her accent, American, he was instantly drawn to her. He found his inspiration. He had no idea why she was so salty and standoffish…but he aimed to change that over the course of their ten-day “situation” as suitemates on a train across Europe.

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