Using Your Personality

Quote - Using Your Personality

Every real master of speaking or writing uses [their] personality as [they] would any other serviceable material.

— Holmes

The meaning of the quotes, “Every real master of speaking or writing uses [their] personality as [they] would any other serviceable material.”

Your quote states that a true expert in the art of speaking or writing incorporates their personality into their work just as they would use any other useful material. Let’s break down the meaning of this quote:

“Every real master of speaking or writing” refers to individuals who have achieved a high level of proficiency and skill in the fields of speaking and writing. It suggests they are not ordinary practitioners but exceptional and accomplished individuals.

“Uses [their] personality” indicates that these masters incorporate their unique personality traits, characteristics, and perspectives into their spoken or written expressions. They don’t shy away from revealing who they are through their words.

“As [they] would any other serviceable material”: This part emphasizes that these masters treat their personality as a valuable resource, similar to any other useful material at their disposal. It implies that they leverage their personal qualities and experiences to enhance the effectiveness and impact of their communication.

The quote suggests that skilled speakers or writers don’t separate their personalities from their work. Instead, they embrace their individuality and utilize it as essential in their speaking or writing endeavors. By doing so, they infuse their work with authenticity, distinctiveness, and a personal touch, which can contribute to engaging and impactful communication.

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