The Principles of “Pre-Suasion”

Reading – The Principles of "Pre-Suasion"

In the book, Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini, the author defines four basic principles of persuasion. These are known as the:

  • power of visual,
  • power of language, and
  • power of presence.

 Each principle is at its base a behavioral principle designed to facilitate an individual’s personal experience of change. The concepts of these principles can help an individual create change through the five different techniques of persuasion.

The power of visual is the most common of all the techniques of persuasion. By this technique, the person being persuaded understands that he/she is visualizing an object, idea, or situation and is using the visualization as a tool to influence that object. By using the visual process, the person can create a picture in the mind of that object, idea, or situation. Visualization creates the need for the person’s persuasion to succeed.

The next principle is the power of language. With this technique, a person’s communication with another is improved. It can be through the spoken word or through writing. The visualized images and words are more likely to be remembered by the listener. This makes the visualized language a more effective means of communication.

The final principle is the power of presence. This is the principle of influencing a person’s mind through presence. It is also the principle of “matching of mind.” The matching of mind refers to the ability of two individuals to achieve the same goal. It also refers to the psychological bond that develops because of this match.

The concepts of the techniques of influence outlined by Robert Cialdini can be applied to sales and life in general. These concepts have proven to be very useful for those who seek to influence other people. One of the most widely known of these techniques is called the technique of visualization. Using this technique, a person can “see” their goal and realize how easily it can be attained. The concepts of Robert Cialdini’s principles have been proven to be very successful by many people.

There is also the principle of pre-suasion. With this technique, a person can gain a person’s trust before they begin to talk. Once that trust has been gained, then the person is in a position of persuasion. The techniques are very effective and have been used in every area of human interaction.

Many of these methods have been used by many people. However, some techniques are not well known. A technique known as anchoring is one of these techniques. With this technique, a person can gain attention by simply saying something that grabs their attention, such as an interesting fact or a catchy line. This technique is known to be very effective and is often used in advertising. By engaging a person’s attention, the person is more likely to listen to the sales pitch made.

There is also a technique known as counter-intuitive reasoning. With this technique, a person can use unknown techniques to their advantage. By using the techniques of pre-suasion and counter-intuitive reasoning, a person can increase a person’s willingness to listen to them. The best way to discover these techniques is to explore Robert Cialdini’s work.

One of the most well-known techniques of pre-suasion involves the “matching of tone.” In this technique, you would create a rapport with a person by simply matching their tone. If a person is talking about his passion for fishing and all he loves about it, you would definitely be able to catch his attention. On the other hand, if a person has a very monotonous voice, you can easily make him loosen up by talking about things he enjoys. This can be a very effective pre-suasion as it can make a person open up to your ideas.

The “power of visual cues” is another very powerful tool that can be used by you. By simply holding up a hand sign or waving an object around, you can easily catch a person’s attention. This works similar to rapport building, as you can match a person’s desire to be persuaded. However, this method of persuasion should not be used everywhere. You should only use it when it is appropriate. Try using these techniques on friends or family who you wish to influence to change their opinion.

Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini is indeed a highly useful book for those interested in the art of persuasion. However, there are some flaws with this book. The most obvious is that it overemphasizes certain techniques and omits others. Furthermore, most of the techniques suggested do not apply to people who are well versed in the art of persuasion. Hence, it is still best if you seek the help of a professional to use these techniques in the right way.

Reading – The Principles of “Pre-Suasion”

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