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Recipe - Peach Panna Cotta

Recipe – Peach Panna Cotta

This recipe has been in our family a long time it was given to us by an aunt when we lived in Panama on 81 and who knows how long she’d had it before she passed it on to us. It has been a family favorite and it’s easy to make. Originally described as a cheese putting in the recipe in Spanish, we have been making it before we understood it to be Panna Cotta. But I’ll be honest most times we don’t bother with putting it Panna Cotta Form. Usually, we just put it in a big dish and

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Cooking – What is a Panna Cotta?

The answer to what is a Panna cotta is simple: it is a sweetened cream that has been molded into a mold. It may be flavored with coffee, vanilla, or other flavors. A Panna cotta is best served cold. However, you can make it more festive by aromatizing it with flavors like chocolate or vanilla. A heavenly treat for any occasion, a Panna cotta is the perfect way to end your meal. The first step in making a panna cotta is to combine milk, sugar, and gelatin. Heat the cream until it boils, and then add the vanilla extract. Stir

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