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Gardening - The Benefits Of Having Rain Barrels

Gardening – The Benefits Of Having Rain Barrels

Installing rain barrels on your property is a great way to save money on your water bill and keep your plants healthy and lush throughout dry weather. It is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce fossil fuel consumption associated with transporting water. A rain barrel is also a good public relations move that shows neighbors and passersby that you care about stormwater and are addressing this problem. It is a simple step that will benefit your budget, your plants, and the environment. The water coming out of your rain barrel will be full of nutrients. Since

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Catchment – ​ Water Reuse – What is Rainwater and Greywater

What is catchment? Catchment is a water reuse strategy which involves collecting water, especially, the collection of rainfall ( also, called rainwater harvesting) over a natural drainage area such as roofs, gutters, drainage ditches…etc., for reuse.  Greywater can be part of a water reuse strategy, but should be outside of the catchment process. What is rainwater?  Rainwater is water that has fallen as rain, rather than water that has come from a a well, reservoir, stream, or municipal water source. Rainwater may be stored for future, but may require algae and pest controls (e.g. mosquitoes). What is greywater?  Greywater is

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