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Cooking - A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner consists of What

A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner consists of What?

While you may have never considered it, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner includes more than just roasted turkey. This meal should include other traditional items like stuffing and cranberry sauce. You can also serve mashed potatoes and gravy for a side dish. Here are some of the best foods to serve

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Freezing Thanksgiving Leftovers the Right Way

It’s important to freeze your Thanksgiving leftovers the right way to maintain freshness and quality. Cold foods should be kept cold, while hot foods should be kept hot. In order to achieve this, wrap the meat in plastic freezer bags, or wrap the turkey in freezer paper. You can then

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Creative Things to Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

After a huge holiday dinner, Thanksgiving leftovers are usually a bit boring. The best way to make them more appealing is to incorporate them into a creative recipe. You can turn them into mashed potatoes, turkey quesadillas, or even burritos! There are dozens of delicious options for your leftovers, and

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Cooking – How To Make A Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you looking for tips on Thanksgiving? If you are, then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with tips on Thanksgiving. You can find a number of tips on Thanksgiving on various websites, including this one. Here are some of the most important tips

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Cooking – The Most Popular Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving pie is a staple of the holiday, and these pies have been around for almost as long as Thanksgiving itself. Traditionally made from cranberries and pumpkins, today’s pie ingredients include cheese, butter, and either the addition of apples or even nuts. Although they’re most popular in America, European and

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Cooking – Easy Holiday Meal Prep

Ask each guest, before they leave, what are their favorite things about Thanksgiving or Holiday and have a chat about them for a while. What kind of food are they usually happy to try?  Once you get some responses and hear what kind of food others love, then you’ll be

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