How Long Can A Description In Denodo Be?

Technology – How Long Can A Description In Denodo Be?

Denodo descriptions for base views, Derived views, and fields have a limit of 4,000 characters.  If you exceed this limit, you will not be able to save the view in denodo, and the offending description will turn red.

Denodo Developer Note

The limit is applied to each description, meaning 4,000 characters in the view description and 4,000 in the description of each field description.

Denodo VDP Description Length Error

Denodo Character Limit Workaround

The denodo description length limit is definitely something to keep in mind.  If you need to have a description length of more than the 4,000-character limit, then you may want to use a hyperlink as a workaround and:

  • Put a short description and the hyperlink in the view or field description, and
  • Pout the full description in a public share document or a public web page accessible to your target audience.

Denodo Data Catalog Character Limit

The Denodo Data Catalog also has a 4,000-characters limit.  Denodo Data Catalog, just like Virtual DataPort, will not let you save your description update until you have pruned the characters to 4,000 or less.  The same workaround described above can also be applied to the Denodo Data Catalog.

Denodo Data Catalog Description Length Error

Denodo User Manuals > Virtual DataPort VQL Guide > Language for Defining and Processing Data: VQL > Object Descriptions