Technology – Microsoft Edge Vs Chrome Comparison

Technology - Microsoft Edge Vs Chrome Comparison

This Microsoft Edge vs Chrome comparison is based on the User Interface, the use of Tabs, Bookmarks, and Favorites, and the Dark Mode. You can easily determine which browser is the best option for your needs. We’ll also take a look at the features of both browsers. Read on to discover which one you should choose and which one should be your default. Microsoft Edge is a better choice if you’re a fan of themes.

User Interface

While both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge use the same user interface, there are a few differences between the two. Chrome offers tabs on the left side of the screen while Edge uses vertical tabs. Users will also notice a slight difference in the default search engine, with Chrome defaulting to Google’s. However, they can easily switch back to the default search engine if they wish. The main differences between the two browsers come down to personal preference.

Google Chrome uses a highly-efficient rendering engine, and the browser is based on open-source Chromium. This means it’s more compatible with other software and devices. The Microsoft Edge browser uses Blink to create its interface, which is similar to Google Chrome. Both browsers use similar features, but Chrome has a cleaner, simpler look. For example, Google Chrome’s home page displays a Google search box. Microsoft Edge displays Microsoft News and Bing.


In Microsoft Edge, there are some differences between the tab experience and that of Google Chrome. Chrome has tab grouping, whereas Edge supports tab stacking. In addition, Microsoft Edge offers the ability to group your open tabs vertically. Vivaldi, meanwhile, is the first browser to support tab stacking. The difference is more subtle, but it is still worth pointing out. Vivaldi offers numerous improvements over Chrome, including the ability to see all your open tabs in a group at once.

Another major difference between the two is their privacy policies. Both Chrome and Edge have privacy policies, but Microsoft Edge is slightly more restrictive than Google Chromes. While Chrome is incredibly fast and has a huge community of users, Edge is not as widespread. Despite this, it’s still the better browser in many ways. Microsoft Edge has some unique features, like a read-aloud feature that stresses words in your text. Furthermore, it allows you to install web extensions that you might want to use.

Bookmarks and Favorites

If you’re switching from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge, you’ll find that it’s easier to save your web content. While you can import your bookmarks from another browser, Edge offers the ability to store web pages to collections. However, unlike with Chrome, you can’t search for web links through the Collections menu, so you’ll have to search through the Favorites menu to find them.

In both Edge and Chrome, you can hide the bookmarks bar by selecting the right-click menu. However, this feature only works if the bookmarks bar is visible. To do this, you need to hover over “Show favorites bar” and select “Never.” Alternatively, you can toggle the bookmarks bar on or off with the keyboard shortcut. To turn off the bookmarks bar, go to the Registry Editor and paste ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPolicies.

If you are switching from Internet Explorer to Edge, you can import your favorites from IE or Firefox. However, this process is not as easy as importing from Chrome. If you don’t want to make the switch, you can export your bookmarks and favorites from one browser to the other. This way, you can save your bookmarks for any other browser and import them into the new one. If you’re switching between Firefox and Google Chrome, you should save your bookmarks to one browser before switching to another.

Themes and Dark Mode

There are many ways to customize your Microsoft Edge browser, including its dark mode. If you’d like to use dark mode while using it on your desktop, you can enable it by right-clicking the desktop and choosing “Colors” from the sidebar. Once you have enabled dark mode, all tabs and windows will reopen, and the entire browser will appear in the dark mode. Note that using dark mode on iOS or Android devices will have different effects.

Microsoft Edge offers dark mode and themes that are similar to those in Google Chrome. The dark theme, for example, is a 100% solid black background. The white text stands out against the black background. The dark theme is also comfortable on the eyes and is the first third-party theme for Microsoft Edge. You can install it for free from the Microsoft Store today. But make sure to test it out before you make a purchase.

Privacy and Security

When it comes to privacy and security, the Edge browser has more features than Chrome. Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium open source project, which is the core of Google Chrome. Both have a well-tested and engineered security design. Edge is better for business users on Windows 10 because of its built-in defenses against malware and phishing. It also supports hardware isolation and Microsoft’s 365 security and compliance services.

In comparison to Chrome, Microsoft Edge allows users to control how much data they share and how it’s used. Google, on the other hand, lets users decide whether or not their data is shared with other companies. However, Edge makes it easier to opt-out of data collection. Users can choose from three levels of blocking tracking cookies. Edge also uses the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to protect them from malicious websites and shady downloads.

Both have good security and privacy features. Google is known for collecting personal data from users, but Microsoft’s browser is more secure than Chrome’s. Chrome’s Privacy Shield feature is especially useful if you’re concerned about online security. Moreover, Microsoft Edge has regular updates, which makes it an ideal browser for security-conscious users. It’s also better at detecting malware. This feature is a vital factor in determining which browser is the right one for you.

Search Engine

If you want to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge, there are a few steps to take. To change the default search engine, open the Settings tab on your Edge browser and select Manage Search Engines. You can also change the default search engine for your entire system. Then, restart the Edge browser. You’ll want to change this setting back to its original state if you’ve changed your mind. Now, you can use the search engine you want.

The default web browser in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. It comes with Bing as its default search engine, which searches the Internet for websites and information matching your query. You may be tempted to use Bing if you prefer a different search engine, but Microsoft has provided a way to change the default search engine to another one. You can change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge to Google or any other search engine. It’s a simple process.


The comparison of Microsoft Edge vs Chrome performance shows that the former is slightly faster than the latter. Edge uses only 665MB of RAM, while Chrome consumes 1.4 GB. If you’re running a system with limited RAM, Edge would probably be better than Chrome. The browser is built on Chromium, which makes it more extensible and compatible with extensions. There’s a growing catalog of extensions in the Microsoft Store, but Chrome users may want to try it out.

In the Jetstream test, we measured the speed of each browser using a simulated web application. The tests measure how fast a browser can perform common tasks, like calculating a number, writing text, or encrypting a note. Microsoft Edge achieved a score of 127, while Chrome scored 113. Using this benchmark, we were able to determine which browser was faster overall. Edge came out on top in all tests.

Backup and Syncing

In order to back up Microsoft Edge data, you should first close the browser. Make sure it isn’t running in the background, and that you can access the folder. Next, copy the folder to a separate location. If you can’t find the folder, you can restore your data by deleting it and copying it to another location. Alternatively, you can export your Edge favorites to your PC. This will preserve the settings you made while using the browser.

Using the Settings tab in Microsoft Edge, you can enable and disable Syncing. In the Syncing section, select the data that you wish to back up. You can also manually select the data items you want to sync. Once you’ve selected your data items, you can use the Sync option to back up your information. If you are not able to find the option in your Settings, you can ask your system administrator to enable it.

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