Went Local Pond Fishing

Fishing - Went Local Pond Fishing

Finally, Sunday, I broke out of the house and went fishing after weeks of working from home and everything having been buttoned up as a result of COVID-19.  It was an exciting experience, something I haven’t done since I was a teenager, and I won’t say how many decades ago that was, but I went pond fishing at a local flood control pond in a park not far from my house.

earthworms for fishing

It was a simple enough event. I dug up a few earthworms from my vegetable garden bed and went bait fishing. Thank God for posthole composting because everywhere I had composted, a small bucket kitchen scraps was loaded with earthworms.  Bait fishing is something else I haven’t done in years because I usually fly fish and occasionally lure fish.

A turtle caught On An Earthworm
A turtle caught On An Earthworm

I didn’t really expect to catch anything because I figured this little pond was overfished being so close to the city. However, I did manage to catch a few things. Even if they weren’t all fish.  My first catch of the day was actually a turtle. So, I guess turtles think earthworms are tasty. So, I took my players and gently remove my hook and put her back.

I did catch a few panfish, sunfish, bluegills, whatever you know them as. So, I can say the earthworms were a hit. Got some fair to middling bluegills and one small fellow, which proves it even little fish get hungry.

My fishing Companion Keeping a Safe Social Distance

I had found a small slough on the back into the pond, which is well covered with trees and nicely shaded. And to my surprise, I even picked up a companion (a duck) who was very diligent in keeping a safe social distance. 

Overall, the fishing trip was a success even though it only lasted a couple hours, and it was nice to get out and about in nature.

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