The Frittata – A Breakfast Favorite

Cooking - The Frittata - A Breakfast Favorite

Breakfast Frittata is one of my favorite meals to cook for my family. I love the combination of spicy vegetables, cheese, and herbs in the frittatas. On the other hand, my husband loves his eggs, but any time a frittata is made with the addition of vegetables, it is guaranteed to be a big hit! For an easy weekday meal, I simply make the breakfast frittata the night before and reheat a few slices the next day.

To prepare the ultimate breakfast frittata, you will need some cooking essentials in your fridge, including bacon, soft cheese, dried or fresh mushrooms, chopped or crushed red and green onions finely minced Italian sausage. To begin the frittata, brown the softened bacon in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Then add the finely minced Italian sausage. Add the green onions and continue cooking, frequently stirring, until the sausage is partially cooked. When it is done, drain off the grease and add the mushrooms and cooked bacon.

My mother always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and that if I didn’t have it, I would never enjoy a great breakfast. For this reason, I make sure to pack some vegetables and meat in my lunch box. Sometimes I add some sauerkraut to the breakfast frittata to give it a sweet taste. This helps to enhance the savory taste of the eggs and vegetables. You can make the breakfast much more interesting by changing up the vegetables or even adding a spicy herb or seasonings to the recipe.

In many parts of the world, a frittata is served as an appetizer. Frittatas can also be served hot, but for health reasons, I don’t do that often. Any way you want to serve it, the eggs are the star of a frittata. They are soft, gooey, and go so easily that it’s hard to decide which recipe to use.

You can start with the classic frittata recipe made with eggs. It’s easy to make and very healthy since you are using healthy ingredients. Start with a half of a pound of grated parmesan cheese which has been shredded before you add it to the pan. You can either do a sharp cheddar cheese that contrasts wonderfully with the other ingredients or add some light Colby-jack cheese to give it an awesome texture. Whichever you choose, the bottom line is that this breakfast is absolutely delicious.

Other popular ingredients include mushrooms, garlic, fresh herbs such as rosemary and thyme, and olive oil. If you are a raw foodist, just remember to cook your eggs on a pan with just enough oil to lightly cover them. If you are used to cooking cooked eggs in a skillet, you will find cooking your frittata’s a whole lot easier. All you have to do is coat the eggs in the skillet with the vegetable oil and wait for them to set. Then simply remove them from the pan and slice them into wedges to serve.

Frittatas can also be served with another amazing ingredient which is bell peppers. Add some onion slices to the egg mixture and the bell peppers, and you have a spicy version of the classic Mexican chili. This recipe is fantastic on its own or served along with eggs or bacon for that extra kick. If you’re not much for spicy food, you could always opt for a cheese option such as fresh mozzarella instead of the onions, which will add more flavor to the mix.

A frittata is an easy recipe to follow, and it really is something special once you have made it. The time it takes to prepare it is well worth the effort because it tastes so good when it is served. Frittatas are even better when served warm, which is why you might consider cooking them that way for a change. Frittatas are usually served hot, but if you want to heat them up a bit, you can do so by scrambling the eggs or frying them instead of frying them. If you decide to use vegetables for a side dish, be sure to add some chopped tomatoes or a sliver of fresh onion. For a real change of pace, try serving a frittata with scrambled eggs!

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