Tips for Using Ramekins

Tips for Using Ramekins

Before we dive in, let’s get something out of the way first:

Just what is a ramekin?

Well, this slightly strange word comes from French and Dutch and means something like “cheese dish.”

Basically, a ramekin is just a small container made from ceramic, glass, or porcelain that can resist high temperatures and is used to bake and cook (among other purposes).

Here’s a picture, so you know what we’re talking about:

Why Do People Love Ramekins?

Well, for a few reasons.

For one, they’re incredibly versatile – you can make a meal, dessert, or side dish using ramekins.

They have just enough capacity to make an average serving for each person – think a personal pan pizza but with meals and desserts.

You can also get ramekins in a variety of sizes and colors to fully customize your collection.

While ramekins are most famous for being used to make mouthwatering desserts – think souffle’s – they can also be used to make a lot more desserts and even main courses.

All you really need to do is place your ingredients inside, stir and layer as needed, then put your ramekin in the oven or microwave for as long as the recipe directs.

Speaking of recipes, we’ll mention some great ones below to pique your interest.

So, what can you use ramekins for?

1. Use Ramekins to Bake

Besides little, cute, personal souffle’s, ramekins can also be used to create most baked desserts you can think of, including:

  • Creme brulee
  • Fruit crumbles
  • Cherry cobbler
  • Raspberry tart
  • Chocolate cake
  • Mini apple pie

These are only some suggestions. Feel free to use your imagination and try out different things.

2. Use Ramekins to Cook

As ramekins have become more and more popular, people have broadened this versatile little dish’s horizons. They’ve successfully made main courses, including:

  • Meatloaf
  • French onion soup
  • Irish onion soup (thick beef broth as compared to French onion soup)
  • Chicken or Turkey Potpie
  • Scrambled egg dish
  • Ramekin tacos

Yes, people have made taco mixes using ramekins. In fact, people have even made tiny ramekin pizzas!

3. Use Ramekins for Side Dishes

As you’ve seen, ramekins can be used to make personalized main courses.

Naturally, if you want a larger main course for each person, you can still use your ramekins for dessert or even just side dishes. Some great side dishes that are well-prepared in ramekins include:

  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Puddings
  • Burnt custard
  • Vegetable mix
  • Zucchini au gratin
  • Mac and cheese

Ramekins are aesthetically-pleasing, too, so make an excellent visual addition to a larger plate even if you’re throwing a “fancy” dinner party.

4. Use Ramekins For Storage

Want to make a brownie and save it for later? Both steps can be accomplished using a ramekin – just bake the brownie in your ramekin and stick it in the freezer. You’ve got a personalized brownie ready to eat for tomorrow (or maybe in the middle of the night?).

Other Tips

Ramekins also make a great little container for beating individual eggs.

You might even use them for non-food purposes: some people have let plants grow out of them in the center of the table. Maybe you need a dish to place spare change or your keys.

Back to cooking for a second:

You should not do with your ramekins is stick them in the oven without letting them defrost first – this could crack them. Never, never, never, use your ramekin on a stovetop. You can use them in the microwave as directed, and you can safely clean them in a dishwasher.


Overall, ramekins really do have many uses and bring a bit more fun and spice to the kitchen. They’re adorable and inexpensive – not to mention, they have a form of built-in portion control – so consider adding this little French dish to your repertoire today!