Is Coconut Oil Healthy for Your Heart?

Is Coconut Oil Healthy

Coconut oils are everywhere, and you often see it on social media where people put it in their smoothies and even coffee. Many people believe that coconut oil is good for the heart, immune system, and digestion, but there is no scientific evidence of coconut oil’s health benefits for the cardiovascular system. Coconut oil has 82% saturated fat. The American Heart Association defines the daily limit for saturated fat intake is less than 12 grams, equivalent to roughly three teaspoons of coconut oil. Saturated fat consumption is limited to lower bad cholesterol to avoid the risk of heart diseases. Even though coconut oil can boost your good or HDL cholesterol, it still increases your bad or LDL cholesterol, so it is claimed by the American Heart Association that too much consumption is not good for your heart.

Basically, coconut oil is a heart attack waiting to happen even though it is popular among many modern diets. The rumors of the heart benefits of coconut oil might not be entirely true, but you can still use it with proper moderation. However, if you want a healthier diet and lifestyle, then you can fixate on nutritious food such as vegetables, fruits, and other healthful fat sources.

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