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An Introduction To Cilantro And Coriander

Gardening – An Introduction To Cilantro And Coriander

Cilantro (also known as “Chinese parsley,“ “Coriander leaf” or “fresh coriander”) refers to the fresh leaf and Coriander which is the name for the seeds are parts of the same plant. We tend to think of the leaves as “herbs” and the seeds and roots as “spices.” However, in much

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Cooking – How To Dry Cilantro And Coriander?

while the most common way to use cilantro, at least in the South and in Latin cuisines, is the use of fresh leaves there are other ways to use cilantro or the seeds (coriander). Cilantro can be dried or frozen or in the case of short-term use refrigerated. Coriander seeds

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