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When looking for the best agile project management software, it is important to take into consideration the needs of your team. For example, if you’re an internal IT department, your needs are likely to be more complex than those of a team using scrum as its project management process. In this article, we’ll talk about Active Collab, Atlassian JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, and more. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to consider which is most appropriate for your team.

While and Jira are similar in many ways, the two products are not the same. While Monday uses some of the same project management utilities as Jira, it lacks a roadmap feature. Jira, on the other hand, includes a roadmap feature, which lets you communicate with stakeholders and view a bird’s eye view of the project. Having a roadmap allows you to keep your project on track and keep everyone on task.

Both Monday and Jira have a kanban board, but Monday’s is more intuitive and visually appealing. Users can see all bugs and epics in one place using a #bug tag. Besides this, Monday allows you to assign tasks to team members. Assigning tasks to team members makes collaboration smooth and motivating. This feature also allows you to monitor and track the progress of your team. The kanban board and the underlying functionality of Jira are more advanced than those of Monday.


If you’re looking for an Agile project management software, look no further than Nifty. This cloud-based application integrates project collaboration needs into one platform, with features like knowledge management and task planning. Nifty lets managers view project plans, create Wikis, and share them with the entire team. With its flexible design, Nifty can work well for any Agile team. Its task management and collaboration features enable managers to improve the effectiveness of their teams.

It helps you collaborate with your team at the code level, with features like code editor screens and release notes. You can also create wikis to store clean documentation, and track bugs. Ultimately, Nifty Agile project management software can be a big help for your next project. Here are five of the best options for agile project management software. You’ll want to start your search by comparing the various plans before making a final decision.

The best tools allow you to organize your projects using a timeline. These timelines make it easy to see project progress and ensure everyone is working on the same goal. You can also track your budget, manage tasks, and optimize the amount of time each team member spends on each task. Nifty Agile project management software also allows you to create detailed work plans. And you can customize the software to your team’s needs with the right features.


Whether you’re in charge of multiple projects, teams, or resources, Wrike makes managing them easy. The real-time dashboard provides an overview of your project, including resources, dependencies, duration, and due date. In addition to its ease of use, Wrike also makes it easy to track and collaborate across teams. Its dashboard allows you to see all of your project’s essentials in one place, and has a multi-project capability for more complex projects.

Wrike’s collaborative design helps teams communicate better, increase productivity, and foster accountability. It’s suited for large and mid-sized teams, but is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. Wrike is also mobile-friendly and allows team members to manage tasks on the go. Its customizable workflows help teams collaborate more efficiently, and its 360-degree visibility eliminates silos to ensure everyone is up-to-date and can make decisions quickly.

Wrike allows users to view tasks and projects in spreadsheet format, as well as in a timeline view. It is easy to edit, reassign, or delete tasks, and you can change their status, owner, and dependency. Additionally, Wrike has many tools that integrate with the platform. Users can also assign due dates and prioritize tasks for easier tracking and collaboration. The platform is also easy to learn and implement for any team member.


SpiraTeam is an integrated agile project management software that helps users manage requirements, tests, releases, issues, tasks, and more. Designed to be easy to use and integrate with other tools, SpiraTeam provides centralized management of key project information and synchronizes development and testing processes. The software is available in hosted and on-premise versions and supports both desktop and mobile users. It helps organizations manage both agile and waterfall projects.

SpiraTeam includes an integrated instant messaging capability that allows users to manage their contacts and exchange short messages. The messages exchanged are then posted to relevant artifacts in the system and can be archived as permanent comments. SpiraTeam integrates with continuous integration build servers, recording build status and linking it to source code revisions, incidents, and test runs, giving users complete traceability and visibility across their project.

SpiraTeam is a robust agile planning tool. Its features include email integration, document collaboration, source code integration, and defect tracking. It also has a comprehensive issue tracker and can support multiple development methodologies, including XP, Scrum, and Agile. Moreover, SpiraTeam also has an integrated test case generator and a full history of changes. Further, SpiraTeam has flexible options for tracking time and tickets.


You’ve probably heard of agile project management software such as ClickUp, but are you familiar with this software? If not, you’re missing out. The software helps you visualize the plan and manage project tasks. ClickUp provides multiple views for each task, which allows you to update them as the project progresses. You can also set priorities, track timelines, and collaborate with other team members by adding comments and action items. You can even use ClickUp to track your budget.

ClickUp allows you to track the progress of each task with its Cumulative Flow Chart. The chart is divided into bi-weekly or weekly intervals. Unlike traditional task lists, ClickUp also allows you to track a product backlog and sprint backlog. In addition to tracking tasks, ClickUp includes a dedicated comment section for team members to post ideas and documents. And it is integrated with communication tools, so you can send a message to a team member through your team’s communication tools.


With smartsheet agile project management software, your team can collaborate on tasks, projects, and programs in real-time. The software helps you streamline repetitive processes, such as moving rows and locking them. You can also assign tasks based on changes to the spreadsheet, and receive notifications via email and push notifications. Moreover, you can use the software to create kanban boards, which are visual representations of projects. The dashboards in Smartsheet are easy to customize, letting you view the status of different tasks at any time.

You can use the free version for up to three team members, but you can also opt for a paid plan that allows you to add as many users as you like. You can also get the paid version for unlimited users, which costs $14 or $25 per month. The Enterprise plan includes more advanced features, while the Standard Business plan is a good option for small and medium businesses. For the most part, the Standard Business plan offers all the features that you need to run a project efficiently. However, you should note that it requires at least three licenses, which may be too expensive for a small business.


Teamwork is one of the top choices among agile project management software. It features an intuitive UI and offers a simple onboarding process. This application places emphasis on managing tasks and assigning them to team members, which can be further broken down into subtasks. You can also create Kanban boards and time tracking using its task list templates. Teamwork helps you turn big goals into small, manageable tasks. You can also keep track of progress with detailed reports and analytics.

If you’re a software developer, Jira may be the best solution for your team. The free version of Jira gives you access to key Agile features, but its price is limited to ten users. In addition, the software has a roadmap, which allows you to plan out your project’s future. Whether your team is large or small, you can use Jira to make better business decisions.


With Freshservice, IT managers can easily manage projects and collaborate with stakeholders across teams. The software’s robust ticketing system and knowledge base enable IT admins to manage projects and provide support to employees. Freshservice also comes with a built-in self-service portal for customers. The software is integrated with other services, including Slack, Google Calendar, Github, and Toggl Track. A Google Chrome extension lets users create, manage, and discuss tasks from wherever they are.

As a complete project management tool, Freshservice has intelligent AI-powered service management features. It supports multiple methodologies and offers various visualization views for easy team collaboration. Freshservice also has tracking and rollback features to minimize deployment problems. Freshservice’s collaboration and communication capabilities allow teams to create nested subtasks for improved communication. The software also has many other features, such as a collaborative workspace and project management features. Freshservice’s intuitive navigation and powerful tools for collaboration enable IT teams to stay aligned with business goals.

Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service desk solution that helps businesses align their IT strategy with their business objectives. It includes all the features and functionality a business needs to manage successful projects. Users can break down projects into tasks with filters, and create a Watcher to monitor time and expenses. Freshservice also allows users to access project information on mobile devices. You can create custom workflows to manage projects and manage your company’s resources more effectively.

Atlassian JIRA

Jira is an open source, flexible platform for Agile project management. It includes collaboration tools and reporting tools, and grants managers control and customization in almost every aspect. Managers can configure parameters to define which tasks are automatically accepted, which tasks are assigned to which people, and which tasks have due dates. Tasks can also be reassigned, updated with a due date, and given labels. JIRA allows users to assign and reassign user stories, and change their labels and status instantly.

Jira is highly customizable, offering a wide variety of report types and formats. Users can also customize reports by adding a custom color code. Jira is highly interoperable with third-party applications, including Atlassian add-ons. It supports remote work, single-sourcing, and data archiving. Jira is also compatible with mobile devices. Moreover, Jira is easy to use for non-technical users.

JIRA offers many features, including enterprise-level overviews. The free version allows teams to collaborate with each other. Users can share the same board with multiple team members. Users can also comment directly on cards, share attachments, @mention teammates, and use emojis. Users can also receive notifications through SMS, email, and push. As for pricing, Jira is free for teams of 10 users.

Apart from JIRA, Atlassian offers a marketplace with more than a thousand plugins. You can download free and paid versions, and customize them according to your specific needs. Atlassian also offers custom plugin development and integration with other systems. Some Atlassian products are available in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or on-premise. The latter is recommended for businesses with large projects. This software can help them to manage their projects efficiently and deliver quality products.

Jira offers extensive features and is highly flexible, making it ideal for any size team and project. It supports Scrum and Kanban boards, and can be used for any vertical. Jira has local and cloud-hosted solutions, with Atlassian support for disaster recovery. Jira is an excellent choice for small businesses. Its flexible nature allows you to choose the appropriate hosting model for your business’s needs.

Active Collab

Designed specifically for creative professionals, Active Collab is an all-in-one agile project management tool. Its extensive features range from basic Scrum tools to various other options, which make it useful for everyone from startups to established tech companies. The software also offers time tracking and reporting features, as well as a task calendar and board so that team members can easily keep track of all the tasks they need to complete. And, with its intuitive interface, you’ll find it easy to get started using this software.

While it’s easy to get started with Active Collab, there are some important features that can be beneficial to your business. First, it allows you to set up separate projects for each team member, client, or contract. You can choose different budget types for each project, as well as name and label them based on who needs to view them. You can also import data from other project management platforms, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. And once you’ve set up the software, you can invite unlimited clients to access it.

A great feature of ActiveCollab is its ability to track time and expenses. In addition, it is easy to collaborate with other team members, since ActiveCollab allows users to send messages to each other and share ideas. Admins can also set up permissions so that employees can only access projects they’re responsible for. With Active Collab, you can also manage the time and expenses of your team members. Active Collab makes it easy to collaborate and track your project from start to finish.

Another feature of Active Collab is ProofHub, an online proofing tool that makes it easy to get real-time feedback, suggestions, and work approval. Its team members can access design files and comment on them, mark them as resolved, and even make invoices to clients. And because it’s a self-hosted project management software, you’ll never worry about storing sensitive data on your computer.

Agilo for Scrum

Agile and Scrum Tool is an open source and commercial software solution for managing Agile projects. This solution is available as a free open source download or as a hosted service. Its powerful platform and streamlined functionality help Agile teams deliver projects faster. It comes in both open source and commercial versions, both with free trials and with Pro features. Listed below are some of its features. Let’s take a closer look.

Targetprocess is an excellent solution for managing projects. This product features pre-made solutions for different members of the project team. You can also customize the flow of the development process and create a product owner to emphasize the most critical features. Other Agilo alternatives include:

Agilo for Trac is another excellent choice. It is a web-based application with many useful features. A free version supports up to five users. Agilo for Trac is another free open source option. The free version is ideal for small teams. It is not recommended for enterprises as it has a steep learning curve. However, it offers a free plan for up to 5 users.

Agile project management software should focus on customer needs. Using user personas, developers can ensure their software workflows meet customer expectations. To do so, the product owner gathers ideas and creates a coherence of the product vision. Using user stories and acceptance criteria, the product owner describes the end user and covers their needs. Then the team assigns user stories to team members and checks that they understand their roles.

Active Collab is another useful open source option. This software includes document management and email-based communication tools. It also includes budgeting and priority control features. The solution is designed for small companies and is easy to use. Moreover, the system is flexible and scalable across platforms. There are also some additional features in Active Collab that you may find useful. If you’re on a budget, this software is the perfect solution for your business.

Pivotal Tracker

If you’re looking for an agile project management tool that’s easy to use and enables you to create and manage projects quickly and efficiently, you might want to check out Pivotal Tracker. Designed with the Agile development process in mind, this tool makes it easy for teams to finish tasks on time. Its unique terminology helps you organize projects by priority, and it helps teams stay on track with their work. With a 30-day free trial, you can see if the software is right for you.

Pivotal Tracker has a one-page interface and is simple to use, even for people with minimal IT expertise. It integrates with over 140 third-party applications, removing the need to switch between tools. It is free for five users and five projects, and core features are unlimited. There are also free training tutorials available for people who have little or no experience using project management tools. Those who want a more robust tool can choose the paid plan for $99/month.

One of the greatest advantages of Pivotal Tracker is its streamlined workflow, which focuses on rapid delivery, plenty of feedback, and shipping working software. A key feature of Pivotal Tracker is its ability to visualize project progress with built-in charts, including a release burn-down, iteration burn-down, and story type breakdown. Once a story is complete, the owner can send it to the customer or accept it. The analytics section of Pivotal Tracker allows team members to monitor the progress of projects and report on their results.

The team behind the Pivotal Tracker agile project management software is in control. The platform allows team members to add stories to the backlog, prioritize them, and assign point values to them. The tool also helps teams to determine project velocity. The agile project management software also has the ability to assign different roles to team members, allowing managers to restrict the capabilities of certain members of the team. This ensures that the team is transparent and can see the progress of a project.

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