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Technology - Web Search Engines That Help the Environment

You may be searching for the best eco-friendly search engines, but which one is truly green? Ecosia, for example, has a mission to plant more than a billion trees and has made it easy for users to donate and plant trees in deforested areas. As an added bonus, they report all of their financial transactions so that you can check to see how much of your donation is actually going to help environmental causes.

Ocean Hero

If you’re interested in doing your part to protect the environment, you may have heard of the new OceanHero search engine. This service is powered by Microsoft Bing and will allow you to choose from several different wallpapers that feature ocean life. This search engine will give you more options for customization and will earn you shells when you perform different tasks. With every 100 shells you earn, you can help to recover one plastic bottle.

You can use Ecosia as an extension on Safari or Chrome, or download the app from the App Store. OceanHero doesn’t sell its user’s data to advertisers or third-party trackers, and is completely transparent about its practices. You can even make OceanHero your default search engine and make a positive difference in the world. The site has a large community of users, including over two million.

The company is not scamming people into downloading its extension; it does take some data and optimizes search results. Users shouldn’t worry about viruses or malware. The extension is safe to download and operates like any other search engine. The headquarters of OceanHero are in Berlin, and they’re active in many countries. In fact, the company’s goal is to help save the world by solving the problem of ocean pollution.

In addition to helping the environment, the OceanHero search engine also partners with organizations that build ocean infrastructure by building micro-recycling plants. The money it makes from advertising is donated to non-profit groups working to prevent pollution. As of April 2017, it has collected more than sixty thousand bottles. In addition to that, it has partnered with the Plastic Bank to collect and recycle plastic waste. There are dozens of other programs that are dedicated to removing pollution from the oceans.


One of the best eco friendly search engines is Ecosia. This eco-friendly search engine earns its money through advertising, with 80 percent of the revenue going towards planting trees. In addition, every time you perform a search with Ecosia, the site will highlight a “green leaf” icon beside a website’s logo that promotes environmentally friendly products or services. Users can also opt to install browser plug-ins, which encrypts their search data and then discards it after one week.

The most important feature of Ecosia is that it supports sustainable and organic shopping. It places advertisements on its pages to make money, but these ads are not for sale. Ecosia promises not to sell user information to third parties, but this is still not a complete guarantee. In fact, every search engine takes some data from users and uses it to improve their search results. As such, it is not possible to know if Ecosia has any underlying motives for stealing your data without your consent.

Ecosia uses organic cotton to create its logo. Moreover, it supports the circular economy model. The company also donates trees to help fight climate change, protect wildlife, and alleviate hunger. As you browse, you’ll find a wide array of eco-friendly products to purchase. You can even choose to plant a tree to support these causes – a great idea!

While using Ecosia will save you time, the company has made a major contribution to the environment by planting trees. They have a goal of planting one billion trees by 2020, which is half of the 1.5 trillion trees needed to counter the effects of climate change. The company also makes its finances and data usage completely transparent, so it’s easy to get involved without radically changing your lifestyle.

Elliot For Water

Aside from its search engine, Elliot For Water also donates 60 percent of its profits to clean water projects. By donating a few “drops” per month, you can help communities without access to clean water. Besides that, you’ll get a chance to contribute to a good cause by helping to fight global warming. With this in mind, it’s easy to make the switch to an eco-friendly search engine.

Besides offering a search engine, this website also sells merchandise made from organic cotton. In addition, it supports the circular economy by donating trees. Users can choose which project they want to support through the “waterdrops” feature. At the end of each month, Lilo transfers the money to the corresponding organizations, and their donation list is updated monthly. With this, you can make a difference right away and have a positive impact on the environment and your wallet.

Another good eco friendly search engine is SearchScene. The company donates 95% of its ad revenue to different green causes. Users can choose to support a nonprofit organization with every search. The company divides the profits between the charities based on user votes. Users can also opt for a black screen to save energy, which helps reduce electricity bills. Users can get a daily green tip as well.

For more information on how to make search engine profits, consider using Ecosia. This eco-friendly search engine partners with nonprofit organizations to replant seagrass meadows. These meadows play a crucial role in producing oxygen and trapping carbon dioxide. Ecosia invests a portion of its ad revenue towards ocean reforestation and pollution prevention. Currently, the company has over 5.5 million monthly users.


The Ekoru eco friendly search engine is a hydroelectric powered search engine that shares 60 percent of its advertising revenue with ocean causes. In addition, Ekoru’s servers are water-cooled and do not require onboard fans, thereby reducing the need for power-hungry air conditioning. The Ekoru website is designed to be as private and anonymous as possible, and all data is encrypted. As a result, no personal information is stored on the Ekoru server.

In addition, the Ekoru search engine supports climate change prevention, ocean restoration, and animal welfare. The website offers top-notch privacy protection and is accessible on a wide range of devices. As a browser extension, Ekoru allows users to control their privacy while browsing the web. In addition, the Ekoru eco-friendly search engine supports the what3words program, which encodes a geographical coordinate into three keywords.

Ekoru’s founders are two Malaysians and an Australian with a background in software development. They have traveled through Australia twice and visited remote Aboriginal settlements. They have witnessed first-hand the social despair caused by deforestation and other causes. They also worked with companies such as Nike as country marketing manager. They combined these areas of expertise to build Ekoru. They hope to inspire more consumers to use the search engine and help save the planet.

The Ekoru eco friendly search engine uses a variety of renewable energy sources, including hydroelectricity. Ekoru also uses secure encryption to protect user data. The search engine is free from malware, and the company will never track your searches or your personal information. And don’t worry about security; Ekoru uses secure servers and encrypts all data between the browser and the servers. That means you’re protected from hackers and other cyber threats.


When you’re looking for a new search engine, it’s good to know that there are many options available. While many search engines collect and store your personal information, Rapusia is 100% safe. It doesn’t store query information or pass it on to advertisers, and its browser extension is compatible with all major browsers. Rapusia has an impressive commitment to sustainability and community, supporting projects that improve water supplies and help communities in developing countries.

Rapusia started with four associated initiatives and has since quadrupled the number of its users. Users can choose a project to support by giving it a “heart.” Each search will donate a portion of the ad revenue to one of the four causes. Users can also choose which charity they would like to donate their donation to. If they have no preference, they can choose to donate all their heart tokens to the non-profits of their choice.

Another innovative eco friendly search engine is Ekoru. Ekoru donates 60% of its advertising revenue to ocean conservation organizations. Rapusia partners with organizations that help protect and restore seagrass meadows, a natural habitat for hundreds of ocean dwelling species. Seagrass meadows are also highly effective at absorbing CO2 and are estimated to absorb nearly 40 times more carbon than terrestrial forests. The Big Ocean Cleanup also helps the oceans by removing plastic pollution. This pollution impedes the ability of marine life to absorb CO2.

Rapusia is another popular option. It works with the Tennis World Foundation to help children in need through sport. It also has many privacy features and is free to use. Its ads are more eco friendly than other search engines, and Rapusia uses its advertising proceeds to support climate change initiatives and clean water. This means that Rapusia saves the equivalent of one 60 watt light bulb every 17 seconds.

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